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Friday, July 3, 2009

Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy

Do you have a book that you treasure? I remember the exact moment I received this book. My mom gave it to me when I was 10 years old. She told me that her mom had given her a copy and she was doing the same. I remember turning the pages with reverence.
This is the moment that Professor Bhaer proposes, "Jo, I haf nothing but much love to gif you."
The other copy was actually printed in 1907.
Did you know it was also called Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy?

As I looked thru some of the illustrations I found this. Its Jo sitting with Beth's head in her lap. Where are they? The beach? A lake? I don't seem to remember this from the story but the picture is lovely.
Right now I'm reading March by Geraldine Brooks. It is the story of Mr. March and his time away at war. It gives a very nice persepctive of a character that had so much impact on the story, but we knew so little about.
Are there books that you have held on to? Are there books that are a favorite of your children?


  1. I loved this movie. I've never read the book. Your post make me want to.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful question. I could go on for hours as I teach elementary school and love nothing more than reading. As a child I fell in love with Half Magic by Edward Eager. I read it to my daughter sometime last year and she loved it, too. My absolute favorites were the books in the All-of-a-Kind Family series by Sydney Taylor. Did you ever read those?

  3. I loved that book, but my first truly loved one was a tie between the Laura Ingalls Wilder series and Anne of Green Gables... somehow I was always a turn-of-the-century girl.

  4. I love Little Women. My parents gave it to me as a gift on one of my birthdays.

  5. I love this book. I read it over and over again as a kid. I am so looking forward to reading it to my six-year-old daughter someday.
    I love the blog. Keep it up!!

  6. That's one of my favourites! I loaned it to a friend from Germany who is very interested in literature. She liked it, but she said it was "VERY moralizing!" :-) I also loved Heidi, The Secret Garden, the Little House books, and Anne of Green Gables. I come from a reading family.

  7. Oh I love Louisa May Alcott! But my favorite book (well two really), and the ones that mean the most for me from my childhood are actually
    "Eight Cousins" and "An Old Fashioned Girl". I still read both of them every few years and my enjoyment is never diminished.

  8. "Understood Betsy" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher! It's rather a "hidden treasure" but well worth seeking out.

    It is one that my daughters and I discovered and enjoyed together.


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