Friday, May 27, 2011

Mealtime mess


Before feeding Peanut solids I was getting my practice by feeding my great-nephew Daniel his food.  I figured I would be more prepared having had quite a bit of practice.

Of course I was wrong.  Where Daniel sits still, completely focused on his food, Peanut is turning to look at the ceiling behind him, the floor, the wall, a shadow, all while kicking his legs constantly.

Daniel holds his hands to the side, opening and closing them as a sign he wants more but won't grab for fear it may delay the food from going into his mouth.  Peanut grabs at the spoon, smacks it, lunges forward to gag on it or puts his fingers in his mouth immediately after taking a bite.
Sometimes it takes 2 people to feed him.  He has always been the laziest eater ever.  He would rather we play/eat constantly  We've considered strapping him into a forward facing position.


Oh and he has figured out how to reach back and undo his bibs.  I do have one that snaps and he pulls on it until he looks like he is about to pass out from self-strangulation.

Breakfast is usually the worst, with the shortest attention span, then it gets better throughout the day.

Sometimes I don't even attempt to keep him clean.  You can see the mixture of prunes and apples all over his face, slicking down his hair and it's even in his ears.

He has a habit of rubbing, scratching, pulling on his ears.  He always does this after sticking his hand in a mouth full of food.  I've had them checked and the doctor confirmed it's just a habit that might be from previous eczema. 

Can rotten prunes in the ear canal cause infections?


  1. Oh My Goodness!!! I don't remember ever feeding my kids prunes ,,,maybe that's why you had the Mother's Day explosion!!! He's so cute!!!

  2. LOL. My boys hated bibs too. I just gave up after awhile. Makes for a lot of laundry!
    He is too cute.

  3. Shan (kear form GTD)May 28, 2011 9:40 AM

    Your baby always looks so happy!

  4. I feel your pain!! Oh, just waiti until his hair get longer...Jake has every meal smeared into his hair. Its really only clean after his bath, right before bed. After that, its over. Sigh. Boys. At least 2x a week the daycare at work has an Accident Report waiting for me to sign. Its almost comical. On Friday as I walked in proclaimed, "Good job buddy! No accidents!"he got spaztic when he saw me and smacked his mouth on the short storage unit in there. The director even wrote, "Jake bumped his mouth because his mom jinxed him". Hilarious. His teacher added, "He was pushing the toy lawnmower and lost his balance and rolled down the hill. He rolled A LOT. Thought he would cry but he didn't." Sigh. Not to mention that there are many days when he has sand in his shoes, socks, diaper and hair. Does he dive head first in the sandbox? I have been told, "yes". Is this the behavior or a typical boy or is my kid a spaz? I wont even start to get into the headbutts....

  5. look at him! goodness girl. looks like he's lovin' his mealtimes:)

  6. Oh what a little stinker!! BOTH of my hoodlums ate like that. It was a full body experience for everyone involved. Please excuse me while I go sweep the floor. My ten and eight year olds just finished lunch.

  7. Oh my goodness, Peanut looks so much like you! What a little sweetheart! Don't you feel like you spend most of your day cleaning up?! haha!

  8. He looks so, so proud in that first picture.


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