Tuesday, May 3, 2011

High goals for today


This is the plan for today.

I have a to-do list a mile long. Everyday for the past week I have looked at that list, added a few things, and crossed off nothing.

I have 4 half-written blog posts.

I still have thank you's to send out. This thought wakes me in the middle of the night.

I can't focus on anything.

So today after Peanut's 6 month check-up, we are going to do this.

I'm finally going to finish the book I've been "reading" one paragraph at a time for ages. 

We'll sing songs, read some books, roll around on the floor, eat some fruits and veggies and take naps.

The fact that we have a doctor's appointment in the morning may be the only reason we won't be in pajamas when B gets home. Then again, we might just change into pajamas after the appointment.

On Wednesday we'll start tackling the list.

I hope Peanut is on board with my ideas today. He'll probably decide sleeping is for babies (not 6 month olds), being inside isn't acceptable and he wants filet mignon for dinner.



  1. i miss those days! enjoy every second. thank you's can wait. love that picture of you two. it's a framer.

  2. I am still trying to finish a book that I bought last summer. I had big plans on reading while I was in the hospital with Molly, but here I am, only half way through it.
    Hope you have a great day! enjoy the quiet time.

  3. Love that binky! :) Our 2.5 month old loves his too. It's a lifesaver when we're out and about! Especially at church!

  4. Girl, take it where ever you can get it!! If that kiddo naps with you, enjoy... man I wish mine would nap. They never did fully get the hang of it. LOL

  5. That sounds like an awesome plan! Lists are dumb! :o) (I only say that because my list has become so big it needs it's own filing cabinet).

  6. I really hope you got your nap today!! I don't like to make lists because I forget to look at them. Then I just feel dumb when I get home from the store (for example) and realize I didn't get cereal or light bulbs (numbers 3 and 7 on the list) (hypothetically).


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