Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm sure he's fine


When Peanut first arrived I spent every waking moment watching, looking around protectively and listening to his breathing.  I was here to protect my little man.

Just a few months ago the sight of my baby sandwiched in a toy would have had me running.  Now the fact that his legs are still kicking is a clear indication that I have the time to get my camera.


Not that this kind of thing happens often.

I barely ever take pictures when I should be taking care of him instead.

The other day I had my camera right next to me and as soon as I noticed he was wrapping his head in a blanket I went right over.

I only got one picture in first- and it turned out blurry. 

Perfectly good parenting.


  1. LOL! Just wait until you have another one, poor kid doesn't stand a chance and must figure out how to remove self from all sorts of predicaments. There really is something to that birth order stuff, ha!
    He's so cuuuuuute!

  2. Hahaha!

    He's such a sweetie!

  3. Oh My Goodness ,,,what happened! Peanut is so cute!!!

  4. Ahhahaha!!! That cracks me UP!! I love that capturing the moment is more important than a rescue....and I fully agree!

  5. Hilarious!! My friend and I were just talking about how blogging moms will let their kids squirm a little just to get a quick photo, myself included! I love it- I would've done the same thing :)

  6. you need some of him crying or something. all we see is the happy perfect peanut. he cries right??

  7. Don't feel bad... last year my sister nailed her sweet little 6 year old daughter in the face with a snow/ice ball and knocked her out cold. I mean, passed out, on the ground, not moving, blacked out cold. And she ran to get her camera. And she took pictures.....

  8. Oh My gosh,,, poor little guy!!!

  9. Tee know you're a blogger take pictures of your kid before you help them out!


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