Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seriously, just ignore my child and enjoy your meal.


Due to some technical issues at home I've only had internet for about 30 minutes since Saturday. At first the withdrawals were killing me and then it was rather nice.

I read 2 books, cleaned the apartment and watched my baby grow.

Peanut is just so cute and adorable. At least we thought so until we took him to a restaurant today.

Normally he'll get a few smiles from people near by but today he commanded the attention of every table around us.

You see, my sweet little child is a loud pooper. I mean, he reeeaaaalllly grunts. He has since the day he was born. I have on video him grunting while he poops on me just minutes after his birth.

But today, today was incredible. People were turning around to look at him. I only glanced back once but there were 3 different tables that had stopped eating and were looking at him.

I hope the sound of him pooping didn't kill their appetites.

To back me up.. here is a pooping/grunting video from April.

This was nothing compared to the drama of today's poop but I think you get the idea.

Sushi anyone?


  1. you are too funny posting that. he's gonna hate that someday! amazing what you can get done when the computer is down. i seriously need to unplug mine!

  2. Oh My Goodness! Still so cute!!!

  3. That is hilarious!! My little one doesn't grunt, but the noise that comes from the other end is like nothing I've heard! She usually does her business in church right after worship when it's nice and quiet :)

  4. When he's old enough to read (and care about what's said about him), he's going to want you to pull this off the blog! =) Too funny!

  5. My neice and nephew used to do the same thing. Hilarious!

  6. OK, I have been trying like mad to comment on your blog. GEEZ! For two days now. I tell you, every blog I visit that doesn't have word verification, I can't comment. This is my last ditch effort. I swear, I have written several, witty, funny, touching commemnts in the past few days. Really.

  7. Well! That worked, but of course, you don't know it was me. YIKES! That was Relyn from comesitbymyfire. Love you, dearly.


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