Thursday, May 5, 2011


Picnik collage

Our little Peanut was born on Halloween a very average 7 1/2 lbs and 21 inches long.

From there the Peanut just grew and grew and grew.


In that first month I shared some pictures with my parents of Peanut and some friends his age. 

They laughingly called him Moose, B picked it up and the name just stuck.

Picnik collage

You would never know it by looking at those pictures but that "little" orange moose he is eating is actually life size.

True story.

Picture taken in February

My baby turned 6 months old this past Sunday.  6 months.  ~sniffle~
We had his check-up on Tuesday and have all his updated stats.

Moose is now 19 lbs 12 oz which puts him in the 90th percentile for his age.  However, for his length he falls well below the 50th percentile.


How is that?  Well the kid has grown 8 inches in his 6 months.

8 inches, people!

He is now 29 inches long and remains in the 100th percentile for length.

It's like we can see him growing before our eyes.  Peanut, err Moose is 1/2 an inch away from being half my length.  Seriously, 29 1/2 inches is half of my height. 

Although I'm obviously very short carrying this long child has gotten a little awkward.  I think we're over the front carrier because his head is in my face and his feet keep kicking my legs.  Besides, 20 lbs is a lot of weight to be carrying around.

Little Peanut just 1 week old turned into Big Moose, almost 5 1/2 months later.

Everyone said that your baby grows so fast but you don't really understand until it happens to you.

Peanut's head has jumped from the 75th to the 90th percentile.
This can only mean that he may be a genius.

Picture taken in March

Yesterday I was at Babies R Us to pick something up and I scanned thru the clothes section.  Peanut keeps getting too long for his clothes and I need to pick up some pajamas.

I figure he has a couple more wears out of his 9 month jammies and then we're on to the 12 month.  Ugh.

I was looking thru all of the racks of sweet little sleepers when I noticed there weren't any 12 months left.  All these racks and no pajamas in the size I need.

That's when an awful thought crept into my head. 

I started to get a sinking feeling as I walked past the racks to the wall. 

There they were.  The 12 month pajamas.  On the wall.  With the little boys pajamas. 

They were hanging with the 18 months and 2T-4T and the ones that still had little feet had tiny rubber tread on the bottoms.

I left the store without buying any pajamas.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to cradle him like a little baby.  It involved spreading out on the couch and several support pillows.

Who knows how to slow time down?


  1. i know it goes SO fast. that little tiny baby thing is gone in a blink. but he's still little trust me. i look at mine...who's now wearing my clothes and is gaining on me...and wonder how in the world did she go from laying in my arms to THIS! it's a wild ride.

  2. Oh My Goodness ,,,from Peanut to Moose!!! He's so cute!!!

  3. I failed at slowing things down! Enjoy this little Moose. :-) You need the book "If you give a Moose a muffin" Very cute kids book!

  4. I try every day and it's not working!! Luckily each new stage is a blast!

  5. He is so pressssssssssssssshhhhhhh!

  6. hehe, love the comparison photo in his little Moses Bassinet!

  7. So, it seems that Moose will be taller than you by, say, age 3 or 4?!? Naomi is also huge; has always been in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Moose is now about the same size as Naomi was when we brought her home from China at 11 months. I fear Naomi may be taller than me by the end of 2011! I used to think it wouldn't be until middle school, but she JUST KEEPS GROWING! Moose is a doll!!

  8. Oh my gawd, I can't stop laughing. I have some 9mo jammies but they might be too warm. I may have 12 mo outfits too. I still have to go thru his closet but I know I will at least have a few things for you. Jake can wear 12 and 18 mo right now (except his pants are still on the smaller side). Some of the shirts/rompers dont fit cos his head is too big (that's always a fun experience) HA! Anyway, I also love to see the items I passed to you get more use from you that it did from us! YAY!!! Can't wait to see you guys again. Let's plan it soon!!

  9. MOOSE! I love it! :-) I love that basket picture, it really shows just how much he's grown. I'm very short too and my hubs is a foot taller than me. I have a feeling our future spawn is going to be hard for me to carry around too!

  10. I hear ya sister. Jake is huge! He's wearing 18-24 month size clothes! He just turned 8 months! Grant is 6'8 and I'm 5'4... How big will our little ones be? He's just darling! love you Dawn!

  11. Hi Sweetie,

    I just stopped by to say "Happy Mother's Day". I spent the day with my grandson..pure heaven! but decided I needed a peanut fix before I went to bed...he's absolutely wonderful.....




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