Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Makayla's Easter Cake Pops


My niece Makayla went thru a great deal of effort to make us some Easter cake pops in the form of little chicks.
These two very special ones were for Daniel and Peanut.  She worked very hard to make them as anatomically correct as possible. 

Hence the reason Peanut's chickadee has a very large head and slanty eyes. 

She looks so sweet here, you would never know how evil she is.

Oh Peanut, please don't lick your cousin's hand.


There were boy chicks, girl chicks and baby chicks!

Are these not the most adorable cake pops ever?


There were Easter eggs!


OK really, I love these.  They make me laugh every time I look at them.

In real life the boys couldn't be more opposite and this is a perfectly hysterical representation of them.


What Easter wouldn't be complete without Zombie chicks eating each other's brains?


  1. I want one, though. A cake pop. Any variety.
    Hey! There's something for you at my blog, you might wanna go claim it. ;)

  2. They are pretty cute. Your niece is a sweetie!

    I don't think Peanut's head is that big...

  3. Did they taste as good as they looked? How adorable. How on earth does one make a cake pop?

  4. They ARE funny in a good way! She did an amazing job!


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