Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Puppy Love

A little dose of Peanut and his beagle stuffed animal. Someday we'll have a real dog, but hopefully he'll be past the point where he wants to eat it and lick it's nose. Although, you never can tell with kids.

We had a busy day and I'm just exhausted. Well, exhausted in a good way. I've started back into working out. I'm pretty sure that during my class I almost died...twice. After that B and I took the Peanut to the farmers market. We headed home, I took a quick shower and B took off on a ride while I attempted to clean up the apartment. Really it was just running around in between switching Peanut from toy to floor to swing to floor to jumperoo to keep him occupied.

A trip to the grocery store for some baking supplies, dinner made completely from farm fresh foods and seafood, bath, book and Peanut to bed.

Then I made strawberry shortcake and juiced oranges for mimosa's. I'm having brunch tomorrow (today) with two of my best friends.

Since I'm two tired to put anymore thoughts together I thought I'd share some video's I've come across on facebook. I'm sure some of you have already seen them but they crack me up every time!

Can you believe the look on that child's face?! Complete terror and then fits of giggles. Think he'll be an adrenaline junky when he gets older? :P

I love how they go on and on! They mimic each other and laugh and respond. Wouldn't you love to know what in the world they are talking about?

Up next is a recipe for strawberry shortcake and a request for your help with my biscuits!


  1. Oh my! That last video was precious. My husband is a twin, I'll have to share it with him! So funny

  2. Aw, I love Peanut and his beagle! That last video was so funny! I love how one of the babies only has one sock on and there's a whisk on the floor. HA!

  3. Very funny video. Is that your baby in crib with the puppy-adorable!

  4. That is so cute... Those twins are definitely telling a story!
    And, Owen has that same doggie. He sleeps with it every night. It's so soft and squishy.


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