Saturday, March 5, 2011

Domain Disaster


This picture is exactly what I feel like doing. A series of stupid mistakes and I've ended up without the domain name.

I purchased the domain name last year and it was set up for recurring yearly payment. I had forgotten that my account changed when I got married so the payment was declined.

Go daddy apparently tried to give me a heads up by sending me offers for discounts on buying domain names. When I clicked on the links they reminded me that I had a renewal coming up. Logging into my account I checked to make sure it would automatically be paid.

I was getting so many go daddy offers this past year that I flagged the offers emails to spam.

Today I got a different email from service@godaddy. This wasn't an offer so it didn't go to spam. It was a cancellation notice.

I called them immediately and they very nicely said that the renewal would not have shown up on my online account as having been declined.

Unfortunately, was on backorder and was released immediately to someone else.

So here I am.

I could cry.

Now when you search google for a past post you get... nothing! I can't believe someone was waiting for Does that seem odd to you?

I can't believe I forgot it was linked to my old account.

I see that I can pay $70 plus commission to have them go to the current holder of the domain name and have them negotiate a price to sell it back to me. So whatever the current holder deems the proper amount, plus a commission amount, plus the $70.

What a load.

I'm totally babbling. Anyway, I'm still here!

You can find me at

I'm trying to spread the word so I don't lose touch with all my friends, family, followers and lurkers!

Sorry for all the confusion, I don't even really know what the next step is.

I have a headache.


  1. Oh, that totally sucks! =(

    Go hug Peanut and shower him with kisses and feel better.

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry you're dealing with such a thing. Glad we can still find you though!

  3. Right, which scumbag has taken your name? This is soooo frustrating. I'm so sorry. I hate technical stuff with a vengeance and even more when it goes wrong. You won't lose readers though - we're too addicted to you! Xxx

  4. oh man---that is awful. I kept trying to get to your posts (I'm behind---my daughter had her baby this week, so I've been a bit preoccupied with my own "peanut") and it kept taking me to Go Daddy---that stinks. Can you save all your posts from somewhere or are they just GONE? I think people buy these names hoping that stuff like this happens and then they make money off of you---but, my family tells me I'm a conspiracy theorist! ;D Sorry for the frustration!

  5. I'm so sorry! PS. And Peanut cries??!!!

  6. Awww! Sad! Don't beat yourself up, tho. I did something similar with a bill two years ago.

  7. Ohhh ,,,sorry about the blog situation! Peanut is so cute ,,,even when he's crying!!! luvuallbye

  8. Oh I am so sorry!! I wondered what happened when I couldn't find you yesterday.

  9. I wondered what happened too as I couldn't find you. Oh yes, technology is just wonderful at times.

  10. STINKS!!!! Why would someone be waiting for that name?? That is YOUR name!!! I'd be so mad. I AM so mad for your sake!

  11. I was wondering what was going on too! Glad everything is back in order...though I can't help get the feeling that GoDaddy might not be on the up and up about the name...not that I know anything about domain names...

    Yes, the albums are impressive aren't they! I imagine that I show up in one of those about every couple years...when you find some of those pix with all of the cousins it will remind you of the one we just took at Ryder's party, as Michelle commented!

  12. Urgh that really stinks! At least it looks like you didn't lose your archived entries and all of that. That would be devastating. I use for my domain name and they don't spam me nearly as much. The price is still pretty cheap per year.

  13. YUCK! Glad you're back online tho. I usually lose my email about once every couple years due to changes in my email providers... Then I have to relearn everything. yuck again!

  14. Oh girl I get it. I wanted to buy my name and some nobody really silly link took it already. It's a contracting site or something. Made me want to cry too. So I guess I'll just stick with blogspot. I've thought about doing my real name, but like you I'm scared I'll lose all my readers. It will work out!

  15. Wow, and I just tried to comment and it gave me an error. The same thing happened to my sister last year. She lost her beloved domain too :( It stinks! Hope you and B & Peanut are doing well, other than that! :)

  16. You may have an intellectual property rights issue here. If someone bought it, just to sit on it and sell it back to you ... I believe that is illegal.

    Something similar happened to me with I bought the domain through Blogger/Google and my card had expired. Unfortunately, Google has no actual real-live-in-person phone numbers to call, I lost the domain. Just a series of unanswered emails to their "help" desk and links to forums with no answers. No one is using it ... it's just a Go Daddy parked page. Frustrating.

  17. I just looked yours up, and it looks like a Link Farm bought it. I think you have the right to get it back ... I'll ask my IP attorney.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 22-Jan-10
    Expires on: 22-Jan-12
    Last Updated on: 05-Mar-11

  18. For the company that currently holds your domain ... you could "File A Claim" on their Infringes on A Trademark tab ... LOL!

    Since it is your brand,the traffic is your following, and you can prove a history of using the site, it is definitely your intellectual property.

    So frustrating. I'm angry at them too. Grrr.

  19. What a pain and a half girl. I've been down with the stomach flu and just read your email. I'd be chewin' on some nails here girlfriend!!!

    I'm just so sorry ya had to put up with this. It's difficult to build your readers at best and then have this happen.

    Your emails should help but it really doesn't undo the damage done.

    God bless and have a wonderful day.

    Hey sweetie...I have a contest over at my place closin' soon...if ya get a chance come on over!

    (I just need to figure out random generator! Heeehehe)


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