Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo Album Envy


The very first time B brought me home to his parents he showed me these photo albums. Ever since then I have wanted a collection just like it.


B's mom started the first album on her honeymoon in Mexico in 1965.


Under the pictures are brief explanations of where the pictures were taken, who is in them and the date.


Love this shot from their 1st anniversary.

Both of them are fantastic at getting pictures of people. I tend to bring my camera to functions, get some starting shots and then forget about it. I need to spend more time getting pictures of people and not just the food!


Here is little B at 4 months old- the same age as Peanut.

I love looking back thru these at family and friends, different places, the change in photos and the change in fashion.

Every time I pull one out I hear stories and memories and their are sighs and laughter to go along with them.


All the albums are numbered and in order. On the other side of the partition are special albums. I just recently found out these exist and haven't been through them yet.

For instance, each of the grand kids have one.

An entire family history.


So I vowed to start printing my pictures monthly because I have a tendency to just leave them on memory cards. I've also noticed that when I order pictures they come out of order which is a hassle to reorganize if I get too far behind.

You know, it wasn't that easy to find a large picture album. Everything is about scrapbooking these days.


I have albums started from the time I found out I was pregnant and I'm hoping I can get photo books done of the wedding and the honeymoon.

Have the blog really helped me get organzized for this. I love having an online journal.


I just need to go back and add in some dates and descriptions and we are on our way to our own family history!

Oh and I need to stop taking 500 pictures a day of the same subject. :)

Do you print out your pictures? Do you put them in albums? Do you scrapbook?


  1. That is so cool that his mom did all of that! Check out all those albums! And how fun for new members of the fily like you to be able to easily look at them. So so so neat! If a mom gave nothing else but this I think it says a lot about the kind of mom she is :). Makes my heart smile.

    I am so bad a printing my photos too, but I make a mean digital organization :). The one thing that I have done since my first child is at the end of each year I will make a photo book in iPhoto and get it printed. I'll make it as the year goes so it's easy once the year comes to a close. Not the fanciest of digital albums, but way and fast :)

  2. Oh, good for you!!!!! I'm constantly telling Hubby that this generation will have no photographs because no one prints them out!

    I also like your idea of a simple photo album. The scrapbooks are fun, and lovely, and so creative but you can get more photos into an album.

    Super job!

  3. Oh ,,,precious albums!!! luvuallbye

  4. Wow, brilliant - well done you fab woman! I'm not sure I could ever manage to be that organised but I know I'll be envious of you when you've got all those fab, well-thumbed albums! X

  5. Girl, I love this!!! I'm trying to get much better about it, because children LOVE looking at photos of themselves and things like baby photos. I've recently begun just ordering photo books from Costco. For about $25.00 I can sit on the couch watching American Idol, while plopping my photos into boxes, place my order, and it's done!

  6. I scrapbook (sort of) using one of those online tools and getting the whole album printed. I have some old hand made scrapbooks but they are a lot more time consuming. I love having the family history. I wish my parents had done something like that for me. I have made a scrapbook every year since dating Match and I hope to keep them going so our kids can look back on it one day. :-)
    My blog helps me remember things too! It has also solved a few arguments such as who said I love you first. I have blog proof that he did! ;-)

  7. I'm so bad about getting my pictures printed. But I do have a bunch from my first son. There is just something about having an actual print, ya know?
    I have made those Shutterfly photobooks and I need to catch up and do a few more.
    You're off to a good start!!

    All of those albums are amazing! What a great thing she has been doing for so long!

  8. my mom was always so great about photos. Me, I used to be in my youth and would take it everywhere when we'd go out. Had some amazing photos that came from those times that would normally we washed away from memory. I have tried to document concerts I took Jake to when I was pregnant (unfortunately Scott threw away my ticket stubs-ARGH!!!) so I am trying to capture his first year and end it with a fez and moustache birthday party. Ok, mostly the fez and paper moustaches for photos. I know its only a small family party, but darn it, I will pretend its big. Your pics throughout your blog are beyond beautiful. Yes, I am jealous and wish I had more beautiful, frame-able moments to scatter throughout the house. I better get back to trying and lose weight so I am comfortable on film and Jake can stop wondering why there are very few pictures of him and his mommy...Keep up the good work!!

  9. One of the few 'real' memories of my grandma I have, is sitting on her lap leafing through her old photo albums (all black and white!) and her telling me about the pictures. Who was who and how they were important or related or whatever. I cherish that memory and always wondered who got those albums when she died. I was only 9 and didn't get offered them, of course! :D


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