Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Easiest Lemon (or Lime) Curd EVER


No more double boiler, no more slowly incorporating butter, no more fear or little cooked bits of egg, no more straining.

I'd seen this method used before and it hasnt failed me yet.

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I started out with what I thought were a bunch of lemons (home grown from my parent's neighbors) and it ending up being mostly limes. So I went ahead and used all the lime juice for this curd.

Lemon (Lime) Curd Ingredients:
1/2 cup lemon (or lime) juice
2 tsp of finely grated zest
1 cup granulated sugar
3 eggs
6 tbs unsalted butter

Picnik collage

I made a double batch, so my mixture will look bigger.

Cream your butter, add sugar and zest (I didn't use zest because I forgot to zest the limes in my juicing frenzy) and mix well.

Add your eggs in, one at a time, mixing well after each addition.

Throw in your lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Mix, mix, mix.

At this point it will look all curdled and gross. Don't worry.

Pour the mixture into a pot and cook over low-medium until thick, stirring constantly. I'll be honest, I always put it up to medium because I'm super impatient. As it heats it will start to thicken. You'll know it's ready when the curd coats the spoon and stays in place when you run your finger (or another utensil) down the center.

You can keep this in the refrigerator for several days or break into small batches and freeze.


It's great by itself, as a filling for cakes, cupcakes or tarts, on toast, paired up with fruit, mixed into freshly whipped cream or a million other things.

I'm going add it to strawberry shortcake. That is, if I can stop eating it straight out of the fridge.


  1. Oh yum. Oh yum. Oh yum. I love lemon curd!

  2. I've never had this. Is it like pudding or filling or what? I LOVE lemon. My mom makes THE best lemon squares in the world. Wait, I can make them too I have the recipe...duh! YUM!

  3. And just in time for the Royal Wedding--lemon curd and scones!! :)

  4. Oh, I love lemon curd too! But don't have the patience to stand there and stir endlessly...so I might have to try this! Right after the dark chocolate shortbread brownies!

  5. I've never tried lemon curd...

    (Hey, surely B must have some distant relatives over here that he needs to visit? Just saying.)

  6. Thank you for this great recipe! I wanted to make a recipe that called for lemon curd the other day and I just groaned and flipped past it. But this is super easy. Awesome!


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