Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Half-way there


How on Earth has June come so quickly? Really? Someone please explain this to me.

Do you remember those days of adolescence when the world turned ever so slowly and a month sounded like a lifetime?

Suddenly June is here and the world seems to be spinning faster by the day. Today is a celebration of markers, of days that are passing by and all the joy they bring us closer to. Not to say I'm not enjoying things now but there are so many things to look forward to.


Over the hump! A while back I spoke about celebrating cancerversaries and how I love to do so. Well, now we have another! We're marking the 3 years since diagnosis! Why does this mean over the hump? We cancer survivors and our loved ones often think about issues such as recurrence. Some of us (like me) have a higher than average recurrence rate. The average recurrence rate for BC patients, with no medicine to lower it, is about 1 in 3 ( 33%) depending on the type of breast cancer they had. But thats niether here nor there. The fact is that typically they calculate the recurrence in the first 5 years after diagnosis.

5 is the magic number people. After that the recurrence rate decreases. So let's celebrate 3 years from diagnosis... I'm over the hump and in the home stretch and I AM SPRINTING to that 5 year mark!

Half a year! This Saturday will mark 6 months that B and I have been married. It's been whirlwind and it's been wonderful. Best decision I've ever made :)

This Saturday I'll be standing on an alter again, this time being witness to my best friend being married. It is going to be a wonderful day.

Half way there! June 10th will mark 20 weeks.. meaning I'll be half way thru my pregnancy. It seemed the first trimester passed so slowly I can hardly believe how fast these last few weeks have gone by. It seems I'm growing by the day and I promise to take some bump pictures this week!

What are you looking forward to these days?


  1. Congrats on the anniversary :) Those roses are gorgeous!

  2. Congrats you old married couple.

  3. Congrats on all the anniversaries---and as a mom who has in the past two weeks married one daughter and had another one graduate from High School, I can tell you this: The time only goes by faster after those sweet babies are born---so rock them while you can---I don't know, my 18 year old just doesn't want me to do that anymore---I don't know what her problem is!? :)

  4. Wow, halfway to baby bliss!! And OVER halfway to the 5 year marker! It's a great time for celebrating. Smiling with you!

  5. Those flower are amazing. Congrats!

  6. Okay that is a TON of great things to celebrate girlfriend. And will you pretty please, for me, show us lots of photos of the wedding? Please? Because I know you, and I know you'll have that camera in your hand every minute you can... I need wedding photographing tips because I'm in one in October!

  7. Congrats on all these great milestones! So happy for you & B!

  8. Oh what wonderful milestones! Here's to the next years of health and love and blessing!


    ps, i think you can guess what I'm looking forward to!!

  9. I am super happy for your milestones! We attended a Matthew West concert at our church this weekend and he is coming out with a new song called Survivors for those that have survived cancer. We heard it and we blessed to hear those amazing lyrics to the song. Check out my blog post to see pictures.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Wow, what a year it's been! Your "over the hump" news is awesome, and fascinating! Look at your life in the past 3 short years? All that you've experienced, gone through, conquered, and the like. You're a warrior!

    And like all warriors, you are almost halfway the pregnancy. Me too. I'm 21 weeks now, and I can definitely say the second trimester is treating me a little better. And today? Today I had lunch with a local girl who is also having a baby this summer/fall, so I now have a friend (a local friend that is) to share this experience with. It's fabulous!

    Enjoy the milestones of 2010!!

  11. Great milestones Dawn:) Can't believe you are half way through your pregnancy already. That just can't be right! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you make it to that 5 year mark and many many more. The world needs you sweetie!! At least I know I do:)

  12. Congratulations on all the milestones! :)

  13. You're over the hump and rockin' the baby bump!
    :-) You should get that on a tshirt, hehe.
    Congrats on everything, and I know what you mean, time is flying by!!
    Me, I'm looking forward to my wedding in 3 months!! Also my bridal shower next month, and my two year dating anniversary with my fiance next week. I love having things to look forward to! :-)

  14. Wonderful things to celebrate! Congrats on your 3 year anniversary! And, wow, already halfway there to the land of baby diapers and no sleep and more sweetness than you'll ever know. How exciting!

    I'm looking forward to summer with my kids! The time goes so fast, I'm vowing to savor every day:)

  15. You are so blessed to have had cancer, fought it, and won. Married the man of your dreams, got pregnant not even trying and not knowing if you even could.

    I am looking forward to summer vacation (Lake Tahoe, SF, & Yosemite) and possibly moving to SC. SHHH don't tell in your comments. No one knows and we are waiting on the official word.

  16. Congrats on everything. You are very blessed. I couldn't be happier for you!
    I'm also going to be a pregnant bridesmaid this weekend! I just hope my dress still fits!

  17. Happy over the hump ... and anniversary! Those are all milestones to certainly celebrate!
    Bless you, my girl!


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