Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tina's Wedding- the reception


Here we are at the final installment of Tina's amazing wedding!


After the wedding we headed to Laguna Beach for the reception at the Surf & Sand Hotel.


Tina and her youngest boy. Don't you just love little boys in tuxedos?


The newlyweds!


It was such a lovely venue.


These are the views from this balcony/courtyard area.


Our rooms were right off of this area as well. I'll cover our stay here another time.


Celeste, Tina and I. Celeste is expecting too!

There are a series of these pictures and in every one I am looking in the opposite camera as the other two.


The centerpieces were simple and beautiful.


My bouquet of perfect roses.


I love menus. I'm sure you aren't surprised.


Celebrating our 6 month anniversary.


You will not believe this but I didn't get any pictures of the food?!

Each layer of this menu described a different course. We started with seasonal baby greens tossed with tear drop tomatoes and basil vinaigrette.


On the head table (of the bride & groom as well as maid of honor/best man and their dates) you can sneak a peak of the entrees.

We had a choice and of course B and I got 1 of each. Grilled Filet Mignon topped with gorgonzola cheese and pinot noir sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes and Filet of Salmon drizzled in basil sauce, served with saffron mashed potatoes.


We can't forget the cake! 3 different kinds, actually. White cake with banana custard and strawberry filling and vanilla icing, chocolate with chocolate filling and icing and carrot cake with maple cream cheese filling and icing.

Each slice of cake was served with a chocolate covered strawberry.


The favors were bottle filled with jelly bellies for everyone to take.


The tossing of the bouquet....


and the removing of the garter


were very entertaining! To say the least.

I've never seen a groom so eager to get a garter off!


Baby boy had a great time dancing, running and rolling on the dance floor!

The rest of the night was filled with laughter and dancing and love. We all had a fantastic time and we always smile and laugh when we think about it.

Congratulations Tina and Ben, we wish you many years of love and happiness.


  1. Everything looks so beautiful and her little boy is just darling!

    (J & Z would so LOVE the jars of jelly bellies!)

  2. Beautiful. And our married one used those same centerpiece glass pillars with floating candles at the reception.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the location. Oh, and I really want a slice of cake--or two or three!

  4. Wow! What a polished yet fun and well thought out wedding. I love all the colors and details!

  5. What a gorgeous reception. I just love her bold color palette. It was really striking and everyone looks good in that color. The view fab. Can't believe you didn't get any pics of the unlike you! It sounded really yummy and that cake...I've never seen anything like it. Your friend had some really cool ideas.

  6. The tables were gorgeous!! The cakes sounded so good and they just looked so pretty with all those red rose petals. What a precious (and beautiful!) family they make.

  7. I really love how simple and elegant their wedding reception was. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I never would've considered those two colors together but yet, they worked well. I love how all of the bridesmaids had different designs of the dress and they were all gorgeous in them.

    The cakes looked absolutely delicious as was the setting for the reception.

  8. What is it about weddings that make us love being in the midst of it all, new love just beginning or the hope that it will rekindle our own. Do you ever repeat the vows to your spouse when you hear those words echoed by the pastor?

    The scenery, colors and food looks breath-taking. I can't wait to attend another one.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Beautiful! Just beautiful.


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