Thursday, July 30, 2009

Its a Cancerversary!

Bald head pix 002

No, I don't have a tattoo of a pink ribbon on my head. But, if ever I find myself bald again, I will get a head tattoo. But lets hope that situation doesn't come up.

Not that I didn't look dashing bald. Don't I have a nice round head?

So, a cancerversary (in my world) marks time as a survivor and other various milestones. It can be one week of surviving chemo, a year from diagnosis, a month from surgery, whatever. I celebrate things all the time! I think we should celebrate something at least once a week. And I like to celebrate with chocolate.

So what cancerversary is it today? Its 1 year since I finished IV treatment! After an entire year of IVs, this was a big deal.

When I first started the story of my diagnosis of breast cancer I wanted to list all the reasons why I am so incredible lucky. Hence the reason I named it Call Me Lady Luck.

But then the story of the actual diagnosis took 3 different posts. And then I went out to dinner. And then I remembered I was supposed to be planning a wedding. And then I got caught up buying our wedding bands. And then I was driving home and remembered that I had a point.

The point is that I was and am very, very lucky. Why am I lucky you ask? OK, you didn't ask but its my cancerversary and I will bore you if I want to.

I am lucky that the female problems that plagued me in college happened to pop up again in 2007. If they hadn't, I wouldn't have gone to the doctor until close to a year later.

I am lucky that my Obgyn was lame and told me I didn't have said feminine problem. (Sorry guys but at least I'm not gettin' all graffic-like) If she hadn't, than I wouldn't have gone to the clinic. TMI warning: Who ever thought my life would be saved by a yeast infection?

I am lucky that the clinic doctor was amazing and on top of it and cautious. If they hadn't decided to treat every woman the same regardless of age, I could have been considered too young to worry about sending to a mammo. I had my mammo 13 years before the designated mammo age.

I am lucky I had people tell me not to listen to my Obgyn. Thank you mom.

I am lucky I have incredible doctors. Thank you HB Clinic, UCLA and St. Josephs. I am lucky that someone cancelled a surgery and I was able to get my lumpectomy weeks before my original schedule.

You see, my cancer was aggressive and in the last month or so it was doubling in size every couple of weeks.

I am lucky in so many ways. If I hadn't gone to the doctor when I did there is a very good chance that by the time I felt it (since I rarely did self-exams), it would have been beyond the point of curing. When the lump was first found I couldn't even feel it and 8 weeks later I was stage 2.

I am lucky I had an awesome support system and I have met (in person and online) so many incredible people. I am lucky that the experience changed my life in all the most amazing ways.

I am lucky I don't have a wrinkly scalp or incredibly mishapen head. Lucky, blessed by God, one with the universe, whatever sinks better with you, well I gots it.

Now, in honor of my cancerversary I kindly request that you all go off and Feel Your Boobies.

Don't argue with me. Just do it. Feel your boobies. Feel someone else's boobies. Get their permission first though. I don't want any law suits on my hands. Well, have you done it yet? Tell everyone its a favor for a friend. Its a free public service, this boobie feeling.

Oh and celebrate with me today! There has to be something for you to celebrate... as if boobie feeling wasn't enough.


  1. Congrats for this day and thanks for the advise.

  2. And we are very lucky to have you and your story with us, and to remind us of these *very* important things. And, might I add... you have a gorgeous bald head :) Congrats, and here's to many many more celebrations, Dawn! -Tammy

  3. Wow, I'm amazed by your story, and all the ways you were blessed. I love that you take a diagnosis like cancer and find every positive thing about your experience. That is an attitude to be modeled! You inspired too. I want you to know, I felt my boobies while reading the last paragraph of your post. :o)
    Thanks for sharing this. It must be incredibly personal, yet very liberating to be able to type it out and possibly help someone else.

  4. Congratulations on your wonderful day!!! Thanks for sharing ..... How terrific is this day?????

  5. Congrats to you!!! yipeeeeee! off to feel my boobies...thanks for sharing your story, you crack me up!

  6. I always say that you should celebrate with jewelry...that way every time you wear it, you can remember how you felt. It doesn't have to be expensive. One of my favorite "celebrating" pieces is a silver necklase that cost about $30, but I love what it makes me remember.

    So I think you should go shopping!

  7. PS you're still wearing your duckie jammies.
    (am I right?!?!?!) Oh my gosh, if I'm right you're going to be so creeped out! HA!

  8. I always end up not knowing whether I am going to laugh or cry every time I read your blog.
    Thank you for that.
    I am going to feel my boobies now and call and schedule that mammogram I have been putting off.
    Happy Cancerversary!!

  9. Congratulations on hitting one year, and you had an excellent head for baldness.

    I feel lucky to have met you, even if it's just online!

    I will celebrate on your behalf with chicken enchiladas and I will, absolutely, feel my boobs today in your honor.

    Which sounds weird, but isn't. :)


  10. We should all have such a gorgeous head when bald! And congratualtions on your Canerversary.

  11. Wonderful anniversary!! Congratulations and doing a happy dance for you!!! BTW - you look wonderful bald!! Namaste, Sarah

  12. Thanks for sharing. I have been feeling down lately because my 3-Day fundraising seems to have stopped and I really needed this story. I must keep walking and keep raising!

  13. congratz... :D glad you're ok!

    btw, you look amazing bald!!! but I hope you'll never need a to tatto your head ok!


  14. So glad you left a comment on my page! Now I get to mark yours and visit often :) Happy cancerversary!

  15. I am celebrating with you and for you! Yay!!!! What an incredible milestone and what a wonderful testimony of overcoming. I have another friend who celebrates today as well. All done with chemo AND radiation - toDAY! Hopefully, no breast cancer will ever return. She is an overcomer, too. BTW, you ROCK bald. Only gorgeous can pull that off!

  16. Thanks, Dawn ... Just did the boobie feeling thing.

    What an inspiration you are, my dear! Definitely the stars were aligned in just the right way and you LISTENED to what the powers that be were telling you!

    You are beautiful with and without hair!!

  17. I feel so lucky that I found your blog. Wow. Just reading about your strength makes me feel stronger. u go girl!!!Figtreeapps

  18. Girl, you are so funny and I'm so glad that I found your blog. I may be an old fart in comparison but you are wise beyond years. I cracked up at the "go feel someone else's boobies". I will have to pass on that one cause they hit pretty hard in this area.

    You are beautiful with or without hair!

    Btw, reading another post, there's a Roy's Hawaiian Fusion here in Rancho Mirage. Have you been there?

  19. Good reminder. I need to schedule my annual mammo. I've written myself a note to do just that! I'm still bald but I think I'll skip the head tattoo. LOL

  20. This is such an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing your story...and you do look amazing bald :)

  21. Thank you everyone for commenting! Reading your comments really made my cancerversary :) And of course all that boobie feeling.

  22. You are very wise and inspirational! Thank you reminding us to be our own advocates for our health.

  23. Happy cancerversary! I agree with marking those milestones with chocolate and wine! Way to go! I finished my treatments a year ago on July 15th! So we are not to far from our treatment dates :) I wish I had done a tatto like that when I was bald! What a great idea! You looked great by the way.

  24. Happy cancerversary!! I'm very glad you're a lucky one - it's too scary thinking through the "but what if...'s", much better to just be bowled over by the total blessedness!!! Hooray! x

  25. Congratulations on this milestone! Your story is so inspiring, thanks for sharing! Happy wedding planning and best wishes! Love, K

  26. You do have a beautiful round head. And a bright, shining spirit. I am so glad we found each other, my friend.

  27. A few days late, but Happy Cancerversary!!

  28. I just discovered your site because of a comment you left on mine. You are INCREDIBLE! Happy Cancerversary! You definitely rocked the bald look. :-)

  29. Hee hee, you said boobies. So I just read this and am celebrating your cancerversary late. Now I will go ask Hubby to play er I mean feel my boobies. This should be fun and Congrats on the miracle milestone!

  30. I just can across your blog randomly. You are amazingly amazing.

  31. oops, apparently I was so impressed by your amazingness, I couldn't spell. What I meant to say is that I randomly CAME across your blog and think you're amazingly amazing :)


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