Monday, June 14, 2010

Tina's Wedding- going to the chapel


In my last post I shared pictures of us all getting ready but the most exciting part is ahead of us.

These two darlings are the flower girls in dresses made by the mother of the bride.


Lisa and Kim, two very gorgeous ladies. Kim will be getting married next April (and I suspect that Lisa won't be very far behind).


Courtney is Tina's sister and both of us will be escorted down the aisle by Tina's oldest son.

Courtney and I have a lot in common and it was great hanging out with her. She couldn't stay all night because she was flying to Austria the next day for another wedding. Did I mention she was in Maui the previous week. Lets all take a moment to silently curse her. Is cursing people during wedding posts bad form?

I should also mention that the bride made our accesories... earrings, bracelets and hair pieces.


Eagerly anticipating the big event... oh all the things running thru your head on the way to the church. I can remember it like is was yesterday. :)


We're all gathered in the bride's room, primping, preening and taking some last minute pictures. Thats me in the bottom right. I'm one of the three pregnant bridesmaids in the wedding.


When Tina first saw her oldest from the limo window the tears started. It's a big day for the entire family. He was in on the proposal and very involved in the ceremony itself.


She was just an incredibly beautiful bride... as expected!


Even though it was no less that 168 degrees in the brides room with basically no air. We were all trying to fan her off. Noone wants to be the sweaty bride.


Thank you to B for taking majority of the pictures for the day!


Another picture of the shoes. But really we were lifting her dress and fanning her to help cool her off. I mean, there were a lot of layers on that dress. Did I mention it was 192 degrees?

I'm pretty sure it was.


The last picture I have of Tina as a single lady....


and an hour later she is happily married.

The ceremony was sweet, with the most amazing music and we didn't cry too much.



Congratulations Tina and Ben!

Up next is the reception!


  1. Beautiful, those flower girls are adorable!

  2. The blue and the red is quite striking--and that picture of the two of you is just beautiful!! I can't wait for the next installment!!
    PS. B is just adorable, too!!

  3. I love the color combo, and you looked gorgeous (as always!)Don't you love how happy brides look on their wedding day? Well, you also know the experience first hand :)

  4. Looks like such a fun day. Her colors were really fun and quirky. You looked beautiful in that color by the way. Oh and the shot of her shoes/legs. Holy cow...she has great legs. I bet she's a runner! Thanks for bringing me along. I love weddings.

  5. What a pretty bride! Those little girls stole the show though, I'm betting...

  6. Just beautiful!!

    (Is the church the Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church in Lake Forest? I ask only because it looked very much like the church where I stood as a bridesmaid to my friend who got married there. 10 years ago!)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I love all the colors and your dress etc. How beautiful... Your hair was all done so cute too! Can you tell I love weddings? :)

  8. I love the blue and all the different style dresses. I can't pick a favorite!

  9. Aw, you look so cute, girl! I just love weddings.

  10. Beautiful pictures and wedding! So happy for them! :-)

  11. That last picture is so sweet! Such happiness.

  12. Great pictures! I love her shoes! I wonder if she was able to keep them on all night?

    I love wedding pictures. Can't wait for the reception shots!


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