Monday, June 7, 2010

A little preview


The Sunday before the wedding Tina's aunts and some of her bridesmaids got together at her mom's house to put together favors, menu's and other finishing touches for her wedding.


Of course, we all had to get a little preview of the dress! This dress is so completely Tina. Fitted thru the top and then just layers upon layers of luscious fluffy princessy layers!


This was Tina's bride doll from when she was a little girl. It was always one of her favorites and when she got engaged her mom pulled it out and had her dress cleaned. It makes me smile every time I see it.


Of course Tina has fabulous, glamorous bling-blingy shoes!


This gives you an idea of the color scheme. Turquoise and red and it was so bright and cheery!

Tina's aunt and cousin funneling jelly bellies into little jars. Tina's cousin Kim and I have known each other since kindegarten! I cannot tell you the vast amounts of jelly beans we have consumed in the past month. I hope Peanut likes berry, blueberry and apple flavored sugar.

On the bottom you can see the pile where I am assembling the menus.


The rehearsal on Friday night.


The last time they would be standing in this church as individuals....


  1. Gahh! What a gorgeous dress! Really, I'm in love!

  2. Her dress is BEAUTIFUL! Wowzers!

  3. Absolutely amazing dress! And even her little white rehearsal dress is darling.

  4. WOW,

    What an appetizer before we get to see Tina's wedding. It truly is something I never grow old seeing is the happiness on the Bride and Grooms' face as they plan and attend their wedding.

    It's like being a witness at one of the most ultimate times in a couples life!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. She is tiny. What a cutie pie. And that dress is just beautiful. I loved it hanging in there right next to all the old stuffed animals:)

    Can't wait to see the rest.

  6. Very pretty dress and I love the color scheme too. And I am really loving the greenery ring above the "stage" area at the church. Very nice touch by the church.

  7. What a gorgeous dress. I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding. The colors are beautiful.

  8. THAT DRESS IS STUNNING!! Oh my goodness, I absoluetly love it! Pretty church. Gorgeous couple. Oh I love weddings!

  9. Can't wait to see that dress on that bod! Even her dress for rehearsal was wonderful! Pretty, pretty!!

  10. She is stunningly beautiful with an amazing figure. I hate her! LOL j/k

    Be sure to post lots of pics of her magical day :)

  11. Beautiful!!! I can't wait to see more pics!! Hope you guys had a great weekend and I hope her wedding was everything she ever dreamed of!

  12. I loved seeing these pictures. Weddings are just the happiest things. LOVE those shoes! And the dress is just beautiful!

  13. Her dress is gorgeous....kinda flamenco dancer-ish. I like the shoes but I'm not sure about them with the dress. I think I need to see it all together. Need photos, hint-hint. :)

  14. Those shoes are killing me! love them.


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