Saturday, August 1, 2009

Birthdays and Memories

Today is my Dad's birthday! I happened to be looking thru some old photo albums and thought I would share some pictures with you.


I love this picture. This is before my older years when I gave him all his grey hair. As I used to say "We lub eachudder".


This picture is great because it gives you a glimpse of how spoiled I,, was. Apparently I wanted to be held. So dad held me while he painted those stripes in my new room. Apparently he held me almost the entire time.

This explains a lot to B.


Its also my sister's birthday! Don't see the family resemblance? Well, she is my half-sister. She was 15 when I was born. She took me everywhere but we'll get into that later. I called her Obby.


Who wouldn't be crying if someone dressed you like that? Oh Obby, what have you done? I love the look of concern on her face.


We lub eachudder too.

Happy Birthday!


  1. What sweet photos. I love the trip down memory lane. The stripes in your room were fantastic! Happy Birthday to your dad and sis.

  2. I love the stripes in your room! Those are so fabulous! And you are the cutest kid! Happy Birthday to your dad and sister :)

  3. Adorable, Dawn!!
    Your dad is a special kind man to hold his baby while painting those stripes!! Happy birthday to your dad and your sis!

  4. What precious photos! Looks like you were (and are) loved a bunch. And who wouldn't, I mean really? ;-) Happy B-day to Dad & Sis! -tammy

  5. Awww...Thanks for sharing those super sweet photos! You are so blessed. :)

  6. Happy birthday to your lubbing family.

  7. I think my favorite thing in that picture of you pitchin' a fit (besides your sisters look of complete unconcern - priceless!) is the AWESOME blue pony rocker in the corner.

    Thanks for sharing those!


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