Tuesday, August 11, 2009

100% Pure Anticipation

5 months from today I'll be a married woman. It will be winter here but we will be enjoying the summer in New Zealand. We'll be on our honeymoon. We'll be married. MARRIED! I don't feel grown up enough to be someone's wife.

We'll be celebrating with 2 weeks in the youngest country on Earth. I can't even tell you the amount of fun activities we have planned and the restaurants we already have scoped out.

Actually I can, and I will. I have an excel spreadsheet and a printed intinerary I presented to B... with photos. Yes, I'm serious. B doesn't get to the proper level of excitement unless I really win him over. So I tend to give him presentations on things so as to get the reaction I am hoping for.

5 months from now we will be leaving the coast and taking the TranzAlpine Railway to the other side of the south island so we can go hiking on a glacier. I still can't believe we'll be kayaking, black water rafting and glacier hiking on the same trip. In 5 months. Well maybe not 5 months from today because of the time difference. You see New Zealand is something like 20 hours ahead so its already Wednesday there. But you know what I mean.

Sometimes when I look at the 4,593 items left on my wedding planning to do list I get overwhelmed.

Then I remember the reward for all of the planning... New Zealand.
I mean, you know, getting married and then New Zealand.

I watch this video a lot.

Has anyone been to New Zealand? Have you heard anything about New Zealand? Do you have a great memory from you honeymoon? (Lets keep this PG people!)


  1. NZ is GREAT!!! And I say this having only been to the South Island and only to Queenstown. We were there in August (their winter) and got some great skiing in. The country itself reminds me a lot of Canada --beautiful, clean, lots of really neat outdoor things to try. I did my bungee-jump at the original site at the Kawarau Bridge and it was awesome (not that I'd EVER do it again).

    A friend once told me that he thinks the two nicest people in the world are Canadians and Kiwis. I got to agree! :)

    You'll have so much fun!!! You will.

  2. You got me at kayak! (I am very jealous of your trip!) Best line 4,593 items left on your list. Isn't that true?!! These 5 months will go fast. Enjoy!

  3. That sounds so amazing! I've never been to NZ, but I know a friend who went there after college and she loved it! It's supposed to be beautiful, enjoy every moment :)

  4. NZ sounds like a wonderful destination. Isn't that where Lord of the Rings was filmed? Is the Shire still there?

  5. Now I'm even more excited! We are doing both islands and yes the Lord of the Rings was filmed there! The agreement was that they wouldn't leave a footprint behind so almost everything has been dismantled but I'll be looking for hobbits anyway- Im a dork like that.

    I can't believe you did that bungee jump!
    Fun Fact: the oldest person to bungee off the Kawarau was 94 at the time.

  6. Back from vacation, and very glad to catch up on your blog! Don't stress too much about all those details. And do remember, as fabulous as NZ will surely be, that the main thing about the wedding itself is to be married by the end of it! :-) That's the thought that got me through all those last-minute hassles with mine. (Repeat after me: "In twenty years, this won't matter, as long as we're married!") It's like magic!

  7. Ok, I'm about to out my geekiness: Lord of The Rings was shot here!!!


    It is one of the places I hope to see before I retire (or maybe when I retire? hmmmm). Its like paradise on earth, yes?

    I'm so happy for you! Congratulations Ms. Bride-to-be! And yes, you know I was clapping as the picture popped up on my screen.



  8. You are one organized woman! Enjoy your wedding day, your honeymoon & most especially your "happily ever after"! Congrats & Best Wishes =)

  9. I have never been to NZ but someday I hope to go. My parents have been there and they just loved, loved, loved it. So good choice. My husband I spent our honeymoon in Cancun and Cozumel. It was 26 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday so ENJOY, in 5 months :-)

  10. HAHA! B and John are the same...they just don't get properly excited! I am always confused by this since my exuberance is enough for both of us I have decided to live with it. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. being married is a highlight of my life and I cant believe you get to go to New Zealand!!!WOW it looks incredible...I love rafting, you guys are gonna have a blast! I went to work the day after I got married haha! long story. GEEZ IM PUMPED FOR YOU GUYS!!

  11. Oh Dandy. Oh oh oh. OH MY GOSH! Dandy! New Zealand! It's going to be out of this world! I'm so excited for you & B! I've never been, but it's got to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in pictures and on tv. And I've heard the people are just so warm, friendly and welcoming. What a fantastic way to celebrate being newlyweds.
    I love that you'll be looking for hobbits. But I'll be especially jealous if you see Arwen. Or Aragorn for that matter! If you see Legolas, stuff him in your bag and bring him home for me.
    It's so funny that you've created informational brochures for B. I think you should make a power point presentation for him too. Just to make sure he's fully briefed.
    I, like Jana, went to work the Monday after my wedding! But 3 weeks later we went on our honeymoon. We didn't have two nickels to rub together (I sound like my grandma) so we stayed in a cabin in a tiny town in the Sierras called Strawberry. The whole honeymoon was a comedy of errors...I was just about to type out the highlighs, but I think you've inspired me to write a post on it, so I'll hold off.
    Anywho, so excited for you! And all of a sudden I'm hyperventilating, thinking that you won't be posting while you're on your honeymoon....Breaking out in a cold sweat now, wondering how I'll survive my withdrawals...Because it's all about me and my needs, really.

  12. You are all cracking me up! Jana I think I will always have to be excited for the both of us as well./

    Elle I can't wait to read about your honeymoon! We definitely wouldn't be able to go for 2 weeks on our own but the honeymoon registry will help with that :) And I totally want to be an elf from LOTR, I think abbreviating it makes me more of a nerd.

    We are taking our honeymoon almost a month after the wedding because I didn't want to miss any of the holiday celebrations. So I'll be back to work on Tuesday.

    Oh and did you know that if you "publish a post" for a future post date and time by adjusting them in your "post options" it will list under scheduled and post when you want it to? Was that all one sentence? If I'm organized I'll schedule posts to come up when I am gone!

  13. You are going to have SO MUCH FUN, and take sooooo many pictures. What a wonderful reward after all your hard work!

    I didn't read all the comments so this might be redundant, but are you going to go see Hobbiton!?


  14. Congratulations!!!!! If you don't already, you should look into scuba lessons for the trip...congratulations again!

  15. I cannot wait to go home and check our itinerary, I would love to get that hobbiton tour in!

    Cowboy- I'll have to tell you my snorkeling story sometime :)

  16. Half the fun of traveling is the planning!

    Sounds like a wonderful honeymoon! So happy for you both!

  17. Oh it all sounds so wonderful! NZ is on our list to see someday. We have met folks from there on our travels here. Love the accent and the nature. Wish I could go kayaking used to be a weekend warrior going to Penn., W.V., Ky, and N.C. to get whitewater action!

  18. I am so very excited for you. And, very eager to share it all. Right here.


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