Friday, August 7, 2009

Anthropologie, Irvine Spectrum

Anthropologie is one of those places I go to for inspiration. When I feel really blech... when I feel I need to stir up some creative juices, a stroll thru Anthropologie does a body good.


It may not be exactly my style because if I'm honest with myself its a bit more feminine than I normally am. But I really go for the displays. Do you see that grid pattern that serves as a background for those mannequins? Here is a closer look.


Wooden hangers! Who knew they could be so much fun.


Layers of material draped all around the racks and shelves of clothes.

These mirrors are dangerous. I could get sucked in for hours just plucking my eyebrows.


This shows off some of the housewares and accessories. I have no idea how they put all of that together.


Love this clock and the possibilities are endless. I could totally make that. I just need the clock mechanism. I'm sure I could get that somewhere.


I love the way you things are laid out and labelled. Its not organized in the conventional way. You won't find a dish section or a book section.


Instead you find a table with piles of dishes and candle holders on it.


Little details are everywhere. I love this paper lemon tree.


Have you been looking everywhere for vintage style light bulbs? Me too! Only I didn't know it until I found them here.


I'm not sure what was being sold here but its a cool display!


This is the sale area. I had a bunch of things in my hand and then I remembered how I had just told B I wouldn't buy any other "stuffs" until I had a vision of what I wanted the apartment to look like.


Oh and the cabinets with their doors open just drawing you in. Its sort of like wandering thru someone's house and being able to pick things up and buy them.


Only its much more dangerous. It makes me want to add things to every corner of my apartment.


I need chalkboard paint. What can I use chalkboard paint on?


I love this section of knobs. All shapes and sizes. I've decided I'm pulling all the knobs off my ikea dresser and changing them out to add character. The knobs are actually sitting in sunflower seeds, how creative is that.

And that concludes my tour of Anthropologie today. I'll be back when the displays change!


  1. I love Anthropologie! It's one of my favorite places to visit...I just wish I could afford their clothes!

  2. I have only been in Anthropologie two times - loved the stuff so much, it was too dangerous for me so I haven't been back.

    Clock mechanism - buy at a hobby/craft store

    Chalkboard paint - paint a area on a wall or the front of a bar to make your own chalkboard, so much fun. Or paint a piece of wood and frame it to make your out interesting chalkboard.

  3. I agree Yelena!

    Thanks so much Kate, I can't wait to do some projects now!

  4. My favorite place too. Love the pictures! Did you get busted for taking them? I always do. Last time I was there the gal said, "Excuse me, sorry you can't take pictures in here...did I just tell you that last week?" Opps.

  5. I wondered about that Suz, but noone said anything. Although, they did make eye-contact and I nodded. I am asian- maybe they thought I didn't speak english and didn't bother to stop me! :P

  6. Stunning. I wish that I would just move into an Anthropologie and live out my years. That place is heavenly.

    And - to answer your question - a bachelorette party in England is called a "Hen Party" - haha.

  7. Eek, I love your blog! This is one of my favorite places too, but I have never bought ANYthing. I think I just want it all, so I give up. Nice quitter's attitude there.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and the sweet comment!

    I'll be back to visit soon- have a lovely weekend,

  8. oh for one of THEM in my town! x

  9. Embarrassing to admit, but I've never been in one and now I see what I'm missing! It's so fabulous! I want that paper lemon tree very badly. I don't know why. It just looked so breezy and wispy! Those drawer pulls were dreamy too. Fantastic place.

  10. I have never been to an Anthropologie but it looks so very artistic and cool! I now want to go!! Darn it, Girl, you going to be sending me all over the place before long..first there's the french dip place and scoops and the record gas...will have to travel! LOL

  11. DNA aside, I think we may have been seperated at birth.

  12. Anthropologie!! I pretty much have to limit myself from spending too much time in the store (or on the website, that's even worse) because I'll buy EVERYTHING in there, EVERYTHING. P.S. Were those adorable baby pictures below taken at the Gardena Obon? Love going although we missed it this year!

  13. Never heard of the place myself till now. From the looks of it, and the other comments, it sounds like a place I would NOT want to take a cowgirl into, lest I wanna walk out broke!

  14. Hi Dandy! Thanks for dropping by. The puppets were a huge hit. I loved this post about Anthropologie. Sadly I have never been, but I'm sure it would suck me in and take all my children's college funds!!!

  15. I think you should all come visit and we'll go shopping. And Cowboy you are so right!

    Adrienne I thought of you when I saw the Taiko drums! It was from the Gardena Obon- its my grandma's church... I'm putting together a post soon! Next year we'll have to meet up there!

  16. Love anthropologies. I want to be the display person! Talk about let-loose creativity. I painted chalk board paint on the side of my TV armoire which is right beside the garage door. We use it all the time! It's super easy to do. I spent about 3 hours there the other day shopping with my oldest daughter who came out with two bulging bags and a sales total with a comma in it! Wow! But such neat, neat stuff.

  17. I also love Anthropologie - mostly for the displays. I don't buy much. But, how did you get them to let you take pictures. When I was at the one in Denver, they were pretty firm about no pictures. GAH!

  18. I am so excited to see pictures of my work up here on your blog! I work at the Anthro you took the pictures of and some of it was my work. So in that it was a compliment, thanks! We now allow customers to take photos in our store, it is so inspiring, why not let everyone take it home with them?! Thanks for your fun blog and the Anthro display love :)

  19. Well Holli, you are such an artist! Thank you!


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