Thursday, August 20, 2009

Concert in the Park- Pacific Symphony


B and I spent Sunday evening at Pittsford Park. Every year they do a concert series here. We've only actually ever made it to the last, most grand concert. It is part of the Target Symphony in the Cities series which features none other than the Pacific Symphony.

Did everyone notice the full grown man sitting behind his gimongous dog? The dog was huge. Huge and slobbery.


Back to the concert. The fun actually starts around 5:30 when they have music related arts and crafts. I saw some fantastic handcrafted tambourines.

The gentleman in the middle is Carl St. Clair, the music director for the symphony. Here he teaches eager pupils the art of conducting.


Most of my pictures looked more like a movie about child zombies. I did catch a smile on this young man. He was focused and soaked up everything Mr. St. Clair said.


St. Clair is a fantastic teacher, in that eccentric music teacher kind of way. He made funny faces and large movements. He is celebrating his 20th year as the director and you can see in every gesture that his passion is as strong as ever.

If you are in the area and interested in seeing the Pacific Symphony try and make it to their Music For The Cure event benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation.


These 2 sweeties were fading fast and nearly poked their daddy's eye out several times. Of course, I just stood and took pictures.

The little boy on the right was a ball of energy with the cutest little mohawk. His parents were equally adorable.


B and I had ridden our bikes down to the park. We found a nice spot on a hill to sit and relax as the Symphony took their places. It was very pretty sitting there under the trees.

Thats the stage to the right. My stage pictures were really craptastic but you get the idea.


These two were so adorable. Whenever she would drop her hand he would shift to be touching her again. I can't wait to adopt a dog someday. Someday when I grow up.


Oh my, is there anything more fun than children dancing? Dance, dance. Dance, dance. They were so into the music. I think songs from the King & I were playing at this point.


Not the boys though. They were too busy rolling down the hills and crashing into each other. It always helps if you have a good friend to give you that kick start.


You didn't think we would make it through an outing without eating something did you? Well, I wasn't going to but I had to support the local boy scout troop.

I only had a lick. OK maybe like 10 licks. But that was it. How many Weight Watcher points are 10 licks of soft serve?

~soft serve pictures provided by B, he did a great job!~


The music was beautiful. There is nothing like hearing music live.

We stayed and listened as the sun set behind the trees.

When was the last time you saw a concert or performance? Who did you see?


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. We have an outdoor concert venue about 30 minutes from our house. We were at Blossom last month and saw the Cleveland Festival Orchestra playing Rogers and Hammerstein show tunes. We went with friends and it was a wonderful evening.

  2. you have reporting skills and I for one love it! last concert was at women of faith in Seattle, Steven Curtis Chapman was there, and Mandisa from American Idol Season 4, they are both amazingly talented live singers. I love the dogs and the little kiddos trying their hand at conducting, so darn cute! My littlest always conducts at school performances I swear he gets more attention than the kids on stage.

  3. Last concert was the Boulder Phil in April. I haven't been to an outdoor concert this year. I better hurry!

  4. I would love to do this and it is on my list of must dos now that I know such things exist, like movies in the park too!

    I love the boys rolling down the hill. How that brings back so many precious childhood memories where you would never get sick spinning that many times before you got to the bottom.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. I totally didn't see the guy behind the dog until you said something... holy crap! :)

  6. Looks like good times for sure! That's one of the things I really enjoyed about Austin, TX...the outdoor events.

  7. Loved the pictures and your commentary on all of them. Fun to see life through your eyes. That dog in picture one was enormous.

    You are too good with the points thing. I bet 10 licks would be zero points. Wow the self control you have. I'm impressed. With ice cream I'm like a vampire with it's first taste of blood. Can you tell I read the Twilight books this summer??;)

  8. Fun fun fun. I haven't been to a concert in years, it literally has been at least four or five years. Your blog is motivating me to get off my duff and go somewhere! :-)

  9. Girl... again with the amazing photos. What kind of camera are you shooting with? Just curious, they are so beautiful.

    Your compliment just blessed my heart so much by the way. And the difference in my colors, you explained so perfectly- exactly what I was thinking but couldn't put into words for some reason!

  10. Loved the pictures. There are jazz concerts in the park in Pasadena (Old Town) that my daughter goes to. I have yet to go to one here in my area but there are some, from what I understand.

    The kids adorable! Kids get so carried away by music that it's refreshing to see. And the lady with her dog...they look like they had a bond for sure.

  11. I would love to just chill and attend concerts at the park, but alas, no such thing here (too hot!).

  12. Hmmm, the last concert I attended was in the car today with the kiddos singing at the top of their lungs! What a fun time, you do some really swell stuff and it is super fun to read about!

  13. Great pictures... I felt as if I were there. It looks like a wonderful time! Hmmm, the last performance of anyone famous that I attended was Harry Connick, Jr. in our fairly nearby Columbia. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. We had a table that was realllly close. I was swooning a bit too. oh, but please don't tell Mr W about the swooning ;-) -tammy

  14. I need to take my family to do this. We haven't seen live music in ages. T

  15. I have a Canon Rebel Xsi and I love it.

    When I lived in the desert I missed summer concerts. You just can't do that when its 115 degrees out.

  16. This looked like so much fun. My favorite thing about this post was the last two photos. One with the cone in focus, and the other with the surroundings in foucs. Which is awesome because it incorporates two important aspects of the day!! You're a clever one, B.
    Dandy, I hope to see a whole Halloween post on zombie kids.
    PS You said craptastic. I love you forever.


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