Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scoops (aka the best ice cream EVER)

Scoops is this little gem some friends of ours pointed out a few years ago.

This is not your normal ice cream shop. This is foodie heaven. It is a place of experimentation with the most glorious results. I love Scoops. If they could fit 200 people in their 20 person store I would get married there. Ok maybe I wouldn't get married there but I would serve their ice cream as dessert.


Some of you may know that for the sake of being cutting edge some chefs will throw things together and just hope for the best. This is different.

At Scoops the ice cream is made fresh daily. Only the best is presented and all the flavors are sweet and creamy the way fantastic ice cream should be.


They welcome and encourage you to taste the different ice creams.

Scoops is also a fantastic place to people watch. Check out her rainbow mohawk! I was so impressed, how do you keep the colors so vibrant? How often do you re-dye it? How do you keep the dye from getting on all the other different colors? Why am I still talking about her hair?


Oh and look at the huge spoon mobile overhead. I love embracing my inner/outer child.

Back to the ice cream flavors... which are really the highlight of the Scoops experience.

Each "scoop" of ice cream is actually 2 small scoops of 2 different flavors. Out of the four of us we got:

-Brown bread(B's favorite and with a Grape Nut topping)
-Pistachio Wasabi (traditional Pistachio with a hint of heat at the very end)
-Lemon Hefeweizen (this was slightly yeasty for my taste)
-Caramel Masala (lovely, caramel with a bit of spice)
-Goat Cheese Fig (tart like frozen yogurt but not overly tart with bits of fig)
-Blackberry Rosewater (more like rose-scented blackberry)
-Marscarpone Brownie (extra creamy and thick with brownie bits in it)


The flavors are mind-blowing and tasty and life changing and luxurious. I know some of you are cringing right now... just go in and have a taste. Just a taste and tell me what you think.

There are always some less scary combinations like chocolate whiskey or strawberry plum wine or coconut coffee.

The also carry vegan ice creams which are great as well.

Then have a seat, contemplate life, pat yourself on the back for trying something new and plan to try something new at least once a week for the rest of your life.

Don't get to attached to your ice cream flavor. They change daily so the next time you go in it may not be there.

In the past we've had Peanut Butter Bacon (which was really good, sweet and bit of crunchy saltiness), Mint Nicotine (yes, nicotine.. enough to make my tongue tingly- that was a little freaky) and Chocolate Foie Gras (creamy, buttery, chocolate than anything else).

Oh and there is always art from a local artist featured on the wall.


Important information here: they are closed on Sunday but every other day they open noon and close when they run out of ice cream. Don't go too late or you'll have no choices!


And don't forget to leave a suggestion on the board before you leave! From what I hear they actually use this board for inspiration.

If you aren't close enough to head to scoops than make some fun ice cream and tell me how it goes?!

Scoops: 712 N. Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90029 323-906-2649


  1. My brother-in-law just took us to a place called Marble Slab (a chain across Canada, apparently) where he claims has "the best ice cream EVER." :) It was good, if a little rich for my taste... but I'm not an ice cream fanatic.

    (I'm loving the spoon mobile!)

  2. Of all the photos, I love the one of the ice cream bins the best! That stuff looks awesomely delicious!

  3. I will put this on the list of places to visit when we go back out to CA next year.

  4. Unfortunately, we don't have anything like this in Middle of Nowhere, NC...but I am putting this on my TO DO list for the next time I visit my best friend in LA.

  5. That looks like such a cool place! I'm loving the unique flavors! {True story: once in Puerto Rico I visited an ice cream shop that had flavors like: "fish" and "rice and beans"!} If I ever get to LA, I will definitely mark Scoops as a place to visit :)

  6. WHUH HUH!!!! that is amazing I love the flavor concoctions that use the salty sweet combo and I will absolutely eat anything (that is meant to be eaten) why is this place so far from me? why? geez, hmph. You know what you would appreciate...unless you hate chocolate is they do flavor combos like this in thee most magnificent truffles ever known to woman named Jana.

  7. I forgot to mention its cheap too.

    For those of you visiting its a great place to stop by- just remember its a tiny little understated shop.. nothin' fancy here.

    I'm half Puerto Rican- maybe my love for weird ice cream is genetic!

    The ice cream bins shot is my favorite- I wish I would have pulled back to catch the ice cream in the reflection as well. Live and learn.

    Love the truffle junkies website!

  8. MMMMMM. Coconut coffee sounds delightful. We have an ice cream shop here in town called Scoops, but I'm positive it isn't a chain of your scoops. Just standard ice cream there.

    And no, your comment on my post wasn't weird. I have a thing for tats and babies too!

  9. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to try those flavors! That is so fun and unique! I've never heard of anything like that before. I've got in laws in Orange County. Maybe I can talk the fam into going over there for a treat next time we're down.
    The ice cream bin IS the best photo! You can really tell how creamy it is by that picture. Yum.

    Always loving your reviews. They're one of my favorite parts of your blog. (Except for the Big C posts, your photography, hearing about the upcoming wedding, uh, everything you write..)
    PS Do you exist soley to make me laugh every day?
    PPS It was another late night last night trying to change my blog a bit. I felt like my blog was going in a different direction than when I first started out. Plus, just trying to get our names out of the spotlight a little. Paranoid? Yes, I think so. But Whitestone had some posts about identity theft that I'm still shaking over.

  10. Mmmm..... I want to try the peanutbutter and bacon and the marzcapone brownie!

  11. Is this near Pasadena? I think I need to mapquest that. I want to try it. The wasabi pistachio sounds so interesting. Nicotine??? You've got to be kidding me???

    Thank you for the reviews. You're helping me find out about places here in California that I never knew existed.

  12. I kept wondering about that nicotine. Crazy.

    Its more towards Downtown than Pasadena. Which just reminded me that I haven't been to Pasadena in ages.

    Elle, I think you should plan a visit- I could send you all over the place :) Which would be easy with 3 kids, of course.

  13. This place sounds so cool! Although we live in Michigan, we used to live in California (San Fran). LA sounds really fun right about now! Thanks for stopping by my Longaberger basket giveaway on my blog!!!!! I think it's AWESOME that you are a survivor!

    Be Blessed!

    Amy (Honestly)


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