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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Family Maternity Shoot


Well Adrienne Gunde has done it again.
She's documented out Engagement, Wedding and pregnancy with Peanut.


This summer was really busy for me.
4 jobs.  An active preschooler.

I hadn't really thought about what I wanted to do for the shoot like I normally do.
One night I was sitting in Peanut's room and decided we'd steal his teepee for the pictures.


But in all honesty I don't really worry about it because her pictures are always gorgeous.


I really just wanted a few of us as a family.
Our last few as a family of three.


And a few of this gigantic belly.

I earned this belly and the privilege of carrying this baby.

I want it documented.


Otherwise noone would believe how big it was!

I want my boys to know how much I loved being pregnant with them.
I reeeaaalllyyy love being pregnant.
Despite all the down sides and the inability to move well and… you know what I mean.


Peanut has loved watching baby brother grow in mommy's tummy.


He was the first person besides me to feel the baby move,
and he spent a great deal of time talking and singing to baby brother.

Peanut is just such a big boy now.

Although we hadn't planned a 4 year spread between our boys,
I'm so grateful to have had the time with Peanut to ourselves.


I'm glad he got to be our baby for so long
and I think he will make an awesome big brother.


We've spent lots of time preparing for the little one.


But even more time soaking up the Peanut
because life is going to change


in so many ways and we don't want to miss these moments.


Sometimes you are just reminded that everyday is a pleasure.


And that there is only so much time for a photo shoot before the kids decide they are over.


  1. Wonderful photos of the three of you and "almost!"
    Keepsakes . . .

  2. So gorgeous! Adrienne is amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! And you guys! Can't wait to meet Maddox!!

  3. The picture of Peanut holding your head with your noses touching melts my heart. I know that love for your first born. You can see the love between you. My other favorite is of B holding Peanut on his shoulders. I love both of their expressions. Such precious photos of your family.

  4. Beautiful pics.. beautiful family!! Congrats again on your new Little Dumpling :) -Tammy


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