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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let daddy take a nap

Daddy is really tired.

Don't wake him up, let's let him sleep for a little bit, OK?

"OK, mommy. "

Parenting means learning to sleep while your kid climbs all over you.

Pics taken Sept 2013


  1. Ha! So cute! I love the progression, especially of him on the top of the couch! Everytime my husband tries to take a nap my oldest insists on going in to "check on him"... which usually means climbing on him and talking to him. But hey- I don't even get to attempt naps!

  2. LOL, I could recreate this with Piglet and Match. Sometimes I bring him to bed in the mornings, hoping that he'll sleep in with us, but he just mistakes daddy for a jungle gym every single time. If he's not climbing on him, he's poking him in the face. Love these pictures! Peanut is just too stinking cute!


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