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Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've gotten involved with this awesome program called Schoola and I want to spread the word about it!

It's a super easy way for schools to raise much needed funds with minimal effort from the schools.

Budget cuts are killing off a lot of educational programs (I'm preaching to the choir, I know)
so former teacher and principal Stacey Boyd (this lady is awesome) started thinking of ways to raise money for her daughter's school.

We're doing it all over the country, setting up school-wide drives or sending Schoola bags to individuals so they can donate for a school.

If you do a school drive, you pick a week when you want the clothes collected. 
I send you a personalized flyer letting the parents know about the clothing drive.
You get the word out (email the flyer or drop the flyers in the kid's folders)
The families get some spring cleaning done to clear out those closets. 
We have Fed Ex pick up the clothes, we photograph them and list them on our super pretty website Schoola and we send you money when the items sell.

Each school gets their own web page so you can track how awesome you are doing, spread the word to others (they can also donate clothes or they can buy clothes for cheap) and start planning what to do with much needed funds.  

No packets of things to sell to your family and neighbors.
Yes of course I need more candy.  And wrapping paper.  And nuts.  And jewelry.  And cookie dough.  

No forms to fill out or deliveries of goods to be made to all those neighbors and friends.

No volunteer hours to sign up for. 
Yes, yes, everyone is busy, I know this. I feel for anyone trying to drum up volunteers for events.
I.  feel.  your.  pain. 

No money spent.  (Amen.)

AND if you feel so inclined you can buy kids clothes through the site for super cheap 
while support your school or someone else's.
We are advertising nationally so people from across the country are buying off the site.

I don't have a girl but I just pulled this screen shot off the site and I seriously want that red Old Navy jacket and the pink Lands End one.  NEED.
You can search by size, style, brand, etc.

Well, as you can see I'm pretty excited about this!
If you are interested, let's chat!

Yay Schoola!

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