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Friday, October 26, 2012



A few weeks ago my mom and I took the boys to Zoomar's Petting Zoo.

Last year they weren't even walking. 


This picture is from our visit to Tanaka Farms.

One year and they are just too grown up.


Peanut adores animals and these are the most patient animals I have ever seen.

Since when do guinea pigs let toddlers hold them?


These lovely ladies (or men) are half donkey and half zebra.

So cute right?


Is it just me or are Emu's the creepiest looking things?


The boys ran through the little maze made of boxes
and had a fantastic time doing it.

The magic of cardboard.


This is my favorite picture of the day.

Peanut was just heading into the little house when this guy popped out.

Do you see the look on his face?!

PicMonkey Collage

A huge bin full of corn.

By the way, do you see Peanut up there just rolling around in it?
It's the same with sand...
and dirt...
but especially sand.


Hello there Mr. many days until Thanksgiving?


  1. Delightful photos . . . What a difference a year makes . . . the boys have certainly changed . . .

    The expression on Peanut's face says it all . . .

    I will remember their JOY throughout my day . . .

  2. Omg this looks so fun! I would go, even sans kiddos. I love petting zoos! Wow, those donkey/zebra things are crazy looking. It's like the donkey is wearing leggings! Emus are so weird. Have you heard that drumming sound they make? My grandma lived next to an emu farm when we were kids, and we thought there were indians playing drums in the woods, lol.

  3. Loved the pics but the one with the Peanut at the house is too cute. They sure have grown.

  4. Just love seeing the boys!!! Marie


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