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Friday, October 19, 2012

We've been fixing things up


I don't know if you noticed but things are looking a little different on here.

We've been fixing things up and making some little changes.

I had a week or so in September where I could actually breathe so I thought I'd take on a few projects.
It's a sickness that I've decided is my mother's fault.
The inability to take it easy.

Anyway, we have a new lovely blog design by Tank & Tink Digital Design
 with some new lovely tabs at the top.

The Peanuttery is for all of you who come to see Peanut and hear about parenting fun.
I'll be honest, I'm toying with the idea of changing this one and making it just a parenting story place but with the amount of Peanut posts this may just have to stay as is.
I mean, does Peanut's sweet face and a post about mesh panties need to be under the same tab?

House to Home is going to be all about how we are making this new house ours 
and other designish fun.

Book Love got thrown on at the last minute when I was sent the final design with the books in the header.  It suddenly seemed silly that with one real book club, one online book club and at the very least 3 books read a month that it didn't already exist.
This will be my venue for all things bookish.

The Restaurants link stays the same and I've added The Hub for all of you interested in what else I'm writing at the moment.


I'm all about fixing things up and making things work.

What's that you say?

Why yes, that is painter's tape holding Peanuts diaper together.
He ripped the original tab trying to pull it off.

No we could not just use a new one.
Have you seen how expensive those nighttime diapers are?!
Do you know how much of the environment was killed to create that thing?
I  can't waste it.

I know that makes no sense.
I know I shouldn't have brought up the environment.

Let's not fight now...
I was so happy to show off the new design.

Let's just stop and look at something pretty instead.
You can always scroll down and look at that cute little face to distract you from my mumbling.


  1. It looks so gorgeous!!! How exciting, Dawn!

  2. Love it . . . can't wait to scroll back and se more . . .

  3. eeek looks all sleek and fancy;) great job girlie.

  4. i like the new look! it looks so "grown up"! :P

  5. I love the new layout. Now I want to see the House!!


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