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Saturday, February 12, 2011

some random babbling


I have a random assortment of pictures to go along with the random thoughts in my head. Or vice versa.

That little foot was so sweet and darling. It's growing bigger and clammy-er (clammier?) by the day.


I saw this window display during the holiday season and snapped a few pictures for design inspiration.

I absolutely love the fabric leaves- just think of the possibilities. I also love the framed sky hanging behind. What a perfect idea for an apartment when you can't paint the walls or for a room divider. It would be great double sided with a different view on the other side.


I'm going to admit that when I saw this the first thing that popped into my head was nursery. Nursery for a future daughter perhaps?

Not that I'm pregnant. I'm just sayin'. Natural and whimsical is such a pretty combination.


This picture has B written all over it. First off, that is B's chair that never, ever goes with the decor, and has been around since before I was born, but just keeps rooting itself in our apartment.

The thing is it is incredibly comfortable. Only I could sit in it at the end of my pregnancy. I learned the hard way that I couldn't get out of it as I had to tip it over sideways and crawl out.

Secondly, only daddy would plop a baby in a chair that way. Just wad 'em up and throw 'em in!


Speaking of daddy's doing weird things. This is my dad carrying Gingerbread to her bath. Look at her with those pleading eyes.

That concludes my random thoughts for today.


  1. I love random thoughts---it seems that is all my brain has these days---perhaps I should copy your post and share some! ;D

  2. Oh my, once I saw that pic of ginger sweet ears I really couldn't concentrate on reading what was above. You were saying something about a chair....

  3. we have a chair almost just like that in olive is sooooo comfy:)

  4. That shot of your dad with Gingerbread is just precious! :)

  5. Love the shoes ,,,and little B waddled up in the chair ,,,oh and Ginger too!!! luvuallbye

  6. I love your random thoughts girl! Your precious little man is growing so big... how on earth is all this time flying by us?

  7. hahaha, that's so cute. My dog gives me that face too when I make him take a bath. No don't make me go! Why do they hate it so? That window display is adorable. You're not quite ready for #2 just yet are you? ;-)


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