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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Presents for Peanut


This past weekend my friend Tina threw me a shower for Peanut.


Such a cute idea! I love this :)


These are deadly. It's basically a mixture of cheese, mayo and bacon layered on a crostini with tomato and zucchini. The kicker is that she used bacon drippings to brush the bruschetta before baking them to make them crispy.


I love spinach dip. I just love dip in general. ~sigh~ I'm going to miss dip.

9 more weeks of this diet.


Celeste, Tina, Amy and I have posed for possibly thousands of pictures like this.

Celeste is the other preggo. She was born 7 days after me and her baby is due 10 days after mine. We're pushing for another 7 day split :)


Cutest baby shower gift idea ever. This came in a super adorable wicker laundry basket and pulled out to all these little outfits hanging on a clothes line with clothes pins decorated in numbers and letters.


Tell me you don't want to steal this idea! I don't even want to take the outfits off to use them.


Did you know that Burt's Bees has a baby line? Love it.


Adding to the bee theme was the boppy I received.


Hopefully Peanut is here before Halloween! This little outfit says daddy's little monster on the back.


Auntie Courtney went a little crazy with a collection of her favorite childhood books. B & I read them all later that night.

But she also included this Emergency Baby Rock Star Kit that she found on Etsy.


How adorable is that?! It'll go perfectly with the Rockabye Baby, lullaby rendition of the Rolling Stones that I received.

Yes, that is my belly in the bottom of the picture.


I'm sure you'll see more of the presents as I do more posts. Mostly I'm just happy to have such wonderful friends and family.

9 more weeks and the Peanut is here!


  1. Auntie Courtney just couldn't help herself. There are so many good books out there! :)

  2. The clothes line idea is BRILLIANT! Totally stealing that for the next baby shower I attend. I hear you on the diet thing. I don't even have GD, but I have to be "good" - being good stinks. I blogged about it today in a very upbeat and cheerful way, then I went to my Momma's house and she had BROWNIES. The audacity.

    Oh, and those bruschetta doodads? They have me drooling. Seriousness. Brutality. Right now I hate their bruschetta guts for looking so good.

  3. What a fun shower:) Love the clothes line idea, and Burt's Bees is the best!! You have some really great friends. You looked very pretty in that blue dress too btw:)

  4. You look gorgeous! I love Burts Bees baby stuff. It smells so good. Hope you had a great shower and got lots of fun baby stuff!!!

  5. Loved the clothes line, so cute.

  6. Hi Dandy,
    I just stopped by to tell you, you look amazing!
    Your baby shower turned out so cute too.

    I loved what you wrote on my blog about wanting to reach out and touch the anemone-I feel the same way!


  7. Such sweet pictures! I'm so glad your baby shower was so nice! And OMG, Amy looks exactly like I remember her! And congrats to Celeste too! I can't believe your little one will be here so soon! So happy for you hun!

  8. Yay presents! I love the baby clothes on the clothes line. I think I just may have to steal that idea for some upcomming baby showers :)
    The food looked delish! Peanut is gonna be stylin for sure.

  9. Fun! I love the Halloween outfit!

  10. Oh you got your Burt's bees stuff!! I'm so glad.. I was debating on that on your registry... What a fun shower and so wonderful to be spoiled. Everyone needs that.

  11. I love the clothesli...what...did you say 9 weeks?

  12. Oh how adorable! I love the blocks flower vases. Too cute! And yes I want to steal that laundry basket and clothesline idea. So excited for Peanut's arrival!!

  13. Looks like you had a great shower and I love the clothes line idea.

  14. You're such a pretty prego lady!

    That wicker basket clothesline gift idea is awesome. Yes, I will be stealing it. Thank you!


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