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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bicycle Pillows


I can't very well have a nursery for our baby boy without throwing some of our passions into it. It just didn't seem appropriate to have a room full of food and cupcakes so I thought I'd go with books and bicycles.

Then I opened the mail and got a surprise package from a dear friend! First off, aren't packages the best?! Secondly, are dear friends the best?!

Some of you know this lovely lady as LMM or Lemonade Makin' Mama and I just want to hug her and squeeze her but actually that might be odd because she doesn't live in the same state as me and we've never met in real life.

I love explaining these types of friendships to people outside the blogosphere. :) Anyway, the pillow comes via Etsy and I will think of her every time I see it. Love that pillow.


Now this pillow I made with my own two hands. I know it's just a rectangle but you have no idea how unskilled I am in the sewing area. I made another unpictured pillow in the same material that is square with a button on it. Given my background, sewing a straight line is an accomplishment.

So is remembering to reverse the material before you sew it. Oh and checking to make sure you have thread in the darn machine before you complete two sides. Did I mention that I'm scared of the sewing machine? Apparently if you don't press the pedal with authority then the stitching is all weak and loopy. Be the boss of the sewing machine. (I will repeat this as I sew)

I'm sewing squares people and I still can't decide if I like this whole sewing thing. I laugh everytime I read posts like this one and this one. I cannot even imagine the process of making these things.

I'm working on another pillow now.... and by now I mean that it is sitting on the table next to the sewing machine my mom pulled out of my closet last week. Given the fact that it hasn't been out of the case for 9 years I think we're making pretty good progress.


  1. At least you have something to show for it... My mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas last year and I still haven't used it yet. Not once. =(

  2. Absolutely adorable!!! I need to make some pillows for my living room, just gotta find the right fabric.

  3. Sweet Sasha...isn't she the BEST!!! I love your bicycle theme. Too cute:) I feel the same way with sewing. I struggle. I can do it, but it scares me and makes me extremely tired. I don't have a clue how those people on HGtv can whip something up so quickly. Have a great weekend Dawn.

  4. So cute. Love the pillow gift and also love the one you made! The bicycle theme is so cute.
    Do you ever read this blog: Make It and Love It ?
    She has some super cute ideas. I wish I was better at sewing. I try.

  5. YOU are so cute and sweet! I'm so happy you love it. And that pillow you made with your own two hands? Darling!!! :)

    I was so happy to get your text too by the way... Adrain was laughing at me... I LOVE explaining my friendships with people that I've never met to anyone who doesn't blog. They just stare at you like crows have flown out of your head and if you could just hear what they are thinking!!! Ha!

  6. Great job--I am equally afraid of the sewing machine, and sewing projects take hours more without it, so I may rethink that phobia.

  7. Oh yes, LMM's post on the slipcovers!!! I was in AWE! (And giggling at the thought of me trying to do that). The pillow she gave you is so fantastic, and yours is amazing!!! I love the fabric you picked out. It came out REALLY good! I am the same way--sewing a straight line is reason for celebration. And a break. I sewed Grace a pillow case one time and I thought I needed a week in Tahoe afterwards.

  8. Aw you linkeded me! :) If it makes you feel any better, I routinely have to rip out big ugly gnarls of thread because I *ahem* forget to put the feed leg thing back down *cough*. See? I don't even know the proper term!

    I think your pillow is adorable, and the one LMM sent is super cool!!

  9. Isn't it amazing what we're willing to try for our littles?

  10. Do you know where the pillow was purchased from on Etsy? That would be PERFECT in our son's nursery.

    1. Eek, I can't remember where I found it and it was given as a gift but I think I can ask the person who gave it to me and see if they stil lhave record on their etsy account!


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