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Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Fun in Sacto


B & I have been blessed with parents that truly enjoy each other. They met for the first time after our engagement and saw each other a couple of times during the wedding festivities over the last year.

This weekend we are all getting together in Sacramento where B is from and his parents still live. Remember this lovely backyard koi pond? That's where we'll be headed. My parents are actually going up on Friday morning and will tour some nearby wineries with B's parents, ending with a barbeque that evening.


B & I will be leaving OC around 8 pm after he gets home from work and driving up there to arrive at some ungodly hour. We're quite used to this type of trek though. I'll drive the first part while torturing him with country music and as soon as he falls asleep... Christmas music. What can I say... I've been in the mood lately. Then we'll switch off and I'll sleep until we get there.

With the exception of a few hours during B's grandfather's funeral in March we haven't spent time with his parents since the wedding. That weekend was the crazy one where we went from the funeral to a wedding 3 hours away. We haven't even seen them since we announced the upcoming arrival of the peanut! My mom will be bringing up all 1852 ultrasound shots to show them on Friday.


This was me at exactly 14 weeks, just 2 weeks ago. Not much going on here (don't judge my hair, I was planning on wearing a hat) and I wanted to start taking pictures every couple of weeks so we could track my growth. If you ask me I would say my face is showing my pregnancy the most. :)

When we get to Sacramento I'll get to show them my bump. Its not too obvious when I'm standing. It probably just looks like I'm bloated. Laying down is another story. I've taken to staring at my tummy in the mirror at night. If I lay on my back it pops right up! So to add to the really weird pictures I put on here (like the ones of my bursting pants)...


Can you see that?! I stare and rub and stare and then I call for B to come in. We evaluate how much it has grown and then he sticks his ear to it like peanut just might say "Hey dad, whats up?"

There you are. Not only a belly pic...but a bare belly pic. Oh the things I thought I would never do. I took this picture last night... 16 weeks!


We are a very odd couple.


  1. Your bump is adorable!! And you keep posting right to the end. Have a great weekend. Aren't you and B fortunate to have your parents enjoy each other so much??!! Awesome!

  2. LOVE the bump pictures, especially the last one. Have a great weekend.

  3. Those are such sweet photos!

    When I was pregnant with J, I had a pic taken every week of my pregnancy --same pose, same angle, wearing mostly the same clothes. It's really fun to look back at those photos and see how my bump grew. :)

  4. You are so right ... You hardly look pregnant when you stand! I love B and the bump!
    Can't wait to see what kind of pics you take AFTER the baby is born!

  5. Those last two pictures are the cutest thing EVER!!!

  6. YOU are just too adorable. I love those pics. The one of B with his face by your belly is priceless. You have to do this every month.

    Have fun touring the wineries. Sounds beautiful.

  7. Adorable bump, chica! It won't be long and you'll start feeling that little guy practice his aerobics! Because I don't know about you, but my Sprig is far better at exercising than I am.... ;) Have a great weekend!

  8. Yay! And yeah what LeAnn said... it's the WEIRDEST feeling, but utterly cool. :)

  9. I am so glad that you posted a picture of your belly! You look adorable.

    Have a fun weekend.

  10. What a precious bump! Love the photos, and the update. You're looking great! Have a fantastic weekend! -Tammy

  11. love love love the belly bump!! you are too cute, I think on your second or thereafter babies the bump comes quicker, but you my dear look darling!! have a fun and safe trip with your love!

  12. What a cute little belly!
    ☺ Celeste

  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! That's me screaming. I love it.-Holly

  14. I love it! I may relate the second last photo to you for eternity. Hope you don't mind! : )

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Oh! I'm putting fiddleheads on my pizza tonight! Photos will be taken just for you ; )

  15. Oh you are NOT odd. You are adorable! Your bump is PERFECT! I love it! I hope it's not creepy that someone you've never met loves your baby bump! LOL (Hopefully it's not creepy cause it's ME!) :)

    Your face doesn't look pregnant at all- what are you even talking about? Of course, I remember scrutinizing every single miniscule change.... oh those were the days. "hey, I found a new stretch mark today!" (Hopefully you will not have that particular moment...)

  16. You are gorgeous! Love the pics and love the post. I want more Dandy! What is a typical lunch or dinner for you now? What was it before? How is your living room/kitchen/bedroom decorated? Any pics? Your energy and style is a breath of fresh air :)

  17. We have friends who blog about their "bun in the oven". Photos weekly, same pose, same place. Fun! I bet they never thought of photos lying down.

  18. That little bump is so incredibly cute!!! You are a beautiful pregnant girl!

  19. Aww tiny lil bump. I love it! I love B's face peeking from behind it. That's so something Match would do. :-) I like the lying down idea too, very unique.


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