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Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm so happy to see you!


Sometimes when I get to my parents house there is noone home... not even Gingerbread and I know they are out on a walk.

I used to always get greeting like this. Now as the years get on I get this type of greeting only some of the time.

B always gets it. Always. Ginger loves B more than me.


Lets get a close up of that. I like to catch the flopping of the ears.


Go Ginger go!


And she passes right by me.

A few circles around the yard and she is ready to be hugged and kissed.

Unless B is here. If B is here she will completely bypass me and wait for his attention.


  1. Love those flapping ears! And my husband gets the same reaction from the dogs, too. Must be rough to be them.

    You know, your lemon bars are at the same eye level as this comment box, and my mouth just started watering. Thanks a lot. ;)

  2. Too cute! Gingerbread is one happy girl!! Love the ears flapping!

  3. I heart Ginger.. she is a doll! I feel your pain though... kinda makes ya feel like the ol' chopped liver, huh? ;-) -Tammy

  4. Too cute! She's such a dollbaby!

  5. Oh my gosh that is cute. The ears! Oh the ears!

  6. Oh that is too, too cute! I am a dog lover so I love any pictures of this kind.

  7. Dawn,

    Love all these adorable pictures. Each one calls out it's own Ah! Factor! I love the clarity and detail and can hear the feet on the pavement and she is running faster and faster! Love dogs!

    How are you doing? Feeling any better?

    Stop by when you can, I miss seeing you.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Well, it would be sad, except you go to B first, too. Yes?

  9. I wanna dog! You bloggers who post dog pics are going to eventually push me over the edge and I'll go get one!

  10. Would you be able to cheat by wearing a perfume with a subtle hint of bone?

  11. Oh you're killing me with those beagle ears. I can't get enough of beagle ears. Please send more.
    Thank you.

  12. Great photos of Ginger. Those ears are fabulous!


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