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Monday, April 19, 2010

All things Bright and beautiful


I apologize for my absence this weekend. I was just too busy taking pictures of this beautiful boy.

He and his mommy were in town and this is the first time we got to meet.


B & I worked with his mom and dad and have known each other for years.

This little man is 7 months old and officially the most mellow child I have ever encountered.


He's a little fish and just loves his bath time.


Oh look, toes!


After this picture we spent a good amount of time playing with a cardboard box and trying to climb on Uncle.

All the toys he could want and we end up playing with cardboard boxes and coasters.


The next day we had lunch with some friends I hadn't seen in ages. It was so nice to catch up!

He would have let me hold him forever so he could bounce and bounce and bounce.

I love his little feet.


If I have a child half as easy as this one, I'll be blessed.


  1. Smokers...he's a cutie patootie!!

  2. He sure is a cutie patootie!

  3. I forgot to add though, I love it when babies discover their toes and fingers. Its so adorable watching looking at them.

  4. He is gorgeous! Lovely eyes. Beautiful hair. And a perfect smile! And you, my dear, have very pretty red toe nails. :o)

  5. Adorable! I bet y'all are excited thinking ahead. I'm excited for you.

  6. He's a cutie! And look how adorable your baby is going to be-- you and B are the cutest!

  7. He sure is a cutie pie!! :) I'm sure you will be blessed with one, too!

  8. Oh my goodness, he is adorable! Don't you just love mellow kids?

  9. I love baby feet! Cat feet, too, actually. I just hold them and and rub and rub and rub. You've made me grin.


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