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Friday, March 5, 2010

Walt's Warf, Seal Beach


Let me start by saying that in our opinion Walt's Warf has the best Bloody Marys in Orange County. We may have to continue to try more to verify that. I would do that for you.

They have the perfect amount of spice and flavor. When we came to Seal Beach a few weeks ago it was specifically for the Bloody Mary's.

I was first introduced to Walt's Warf by a roommate in college and have been coming ever since.


I dream about these artichokes sometimes. Walt's Warf has an oak wood fire grill and the flavor is amazing. The key to this dish is the Lea & Perrins Aioli. I dip my bread in it. When you sit they give you a basket of warm sourdough bread. I can smell it now...


The steam pot is 1 pound of clams, mussels or both sitting in a broth of white wine, garlic, butter and scallions. They serve a side of butter for dipping. We ate all of it and then soaked all the remaining broth in the sourdough bread.

Walt's Warf started back in 1970 when then-dentist Walt Babcock and his wife realized there was no place close by to get fresh fish. So they opened up this restaurant and used their own fishing boat to bring in the daily catch.


I like the oysters at the bottom that are filled with all the chunks of goodness.

At some point Walt and his wife sold the restaurant to pursue another passion. They bought some land in Santa Barbara, pulled out the lima beans, planted some grapes and created Babcock Winery.

In the meantime they re-purchased Walt's Warf, took out the fish market and focused on the oak fire grill, oyster bar and award winning wine list.


This is the Walt's Special Salad and it has everything I love. Mixed greens, candied walnuts, golden raisins, red onions, gorgonzola cheese and a mustard vinaigrette. The clam chowder was exactly what I wanted. Creamy and comforting.


If you find yourself in the area you should stop by. You'll love the rustic feel and the energy of the locals gathering for good food and conversation.


  1. May I herein lament living 1800 miles east of Walt's Wharf? Waaahhhh! (the sound of sobbing)

  2. Wowza...those artichokes looked so good. I'm adding dinner with you someday to my bucket list;) That would be soooo fun!!!!

  3. Mmmm, I love clam chowder! And that salad looks amazing...

  4. I think I need to visit just for this restaurant alone. I love love artichokes so much, and Bloody Mary's are the best drink of all time. YUM. Screw the wedding fund, I'm saving up for my trip to the Wharf! ;-)

  5. Hey Dawn, this is Nicole your cousin. I just want to say, I love reading your blog, your honeymoon looked amazing and keep the restaurant features going...cause when I come home to So. Cal I never know where to go eat, except the chains! Keep it up.
    - N

  6. The Fam and I are taking a trip down to Cali in July and I MUST go there... For all of it!

  7. Looks DEE-lish! We may also be heading to Cali - LA area though- but will keep this in my brain if the situation arises. And I hope it does!

  8. I think I need to try growing artichokes in the garden this year. I hope they're kinder to me than the onions and watermelon were last year. Sigh.

  9. 90 minutes isn't too far to drive for those artichokes, right? Right?

  10. That food looks awesome--the whole meal, too.

  11. Oh my goodness, YUM--those artichokes look INCREDIBLE!

  12. My dad would LOVE those clams and mussels! Me, I'd have second and probably third helpings of the clam chowder!!

  13. I love all the places that you talk about eating at. We don't eat a lot of the things that you do and it is fun to see and hear what it taste like. Some of it I would try and some not but I enjoy seeing it!

  14. Those artichokes looked delicious--all roasty and savory. Yum.

  15. What a predicament. Monday morning at work…wanting a bloody Mary. I’m not sure HR will let that happen so therefore the predicament.

  16. I don't even like mussels but those looked delish! The garlic and broth ... hmmmm. I've got a hankering for sourdough now.

  17. I love this place and haven't been there in years!
    You know why I love your blog? Because you order things I wouldn't try and you make me want to try them. Thanks!


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