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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The part of New Zealand that wasn't fun.


Did you know that I'm afraid of heights? I am. You might not think so because I managed to climb ice stairs and hike up a glacier, take a helicopter flight and stand at the top of the sky tower... but heights make me really uncomfortable.

I'm smiling here because we're still on the platform.


I'm not sure why I got us tickets to take the Christchurch Gondola.


I was sitting facing the mountain and trying to ignore B as he pointed things out. This is the extent of my "looking around".

I was too busy trying not to move and de-rail the gondola. I was trying not to notice the swaying. I was trying not to estimate how far down the mountain we would tumble....


I was trying to figure out why I married the man who thought it was so funny to bounce around the gondola, stomping his feet and generally terrifying me. And apparently taking pictures.

He got some of it on video but I can't share it with you because I didn't realize he was taking video and I may have used inappropriate language. Maybe.

I realize that gondola rides aren't on the top of lists of scary things to do for most people. I can't explain it. I'm feeling uneasy just writing about it. I'm a freak. Don't even get me started on the rest of my list. Sometimes I'm amazed I make it through the day.

What silly things scare you?


  1. Gondola rides are not a favorite of mine, either. Particularly in the wind. Ugh.

  2. Oh gosh, I totally agree. The gondola ride I had to take to get to the top of the Great Wall of China was one of the scariest moments of my life. Second to the incredibly freaky, incredibly high gondola going up to Montserrat in Barcelona. UGH. so scary. you're so brave to go anyway!

  3. LOL! That sounds like something C would do to me, if I were afraid of heights. :)

  4. This, right here, completely terrifies me as well! My husband and I went out to San Francisco in the fall and took a seaplane ride...over the Golden Gate and Alcatraz...I was completely white knuckled the entire time. I swear, I still wake up some nights thinking about it.
    And husband does the same type of things to me. If he knows I am terrified about something, he aggravates the situation and then laughs. Ugh...

  5. You are the good wife to go up there with your hubby! Those can be scary especially when the man you love is shaking the whole thing ... What's he like on a Ferris Wheel?

    Great pics of you!!

  6. Haha! Hubby's that stomp around on scary, shaking pieces of machinery need spanked!
    I don't do heights. And I start with ladders...I don't climb them. I don't even like walking in the attic, even though I can't see the floor, I'm afraid of stepping on the ceiling and falling through or something absolutely ridiculous like that.

  7. We rode the arial tram in Palm Springs and I was really nervous too. I think that is just normal. It's supposed to be scary.

    I really don't like spiders either or anything underwater. I can't really even watch those adventure shows where they are deep in the scary!!!

  8. You are too funny! Your facial expressions are priceless :) Riding the tram was one of my favorite things about Colorado...I guess I can safely say that I'm not afraid of heights!

  9. I'm terrified of heights--I can barely climb up a stepladder--so I would be huge mess! You actually look fairly composed in comparison. :)

  10. Hahahaha, that's awesome, but yeah... I would have been freaking out too!

  11. Heights scare me. I'm a pansy when it comes to getting off the ground.

  12. Ha ha! Husbands are ornery creatures! I'd say that I'm affraid of pretty much everything. :/ I'm working on it though.
    ☺ Celeste

  13. EW! I hate heights too!!! sooo very much, I love your freak out faces, way cuter than mine, I am also afraid of sharks and bears, Ive had run ins with both!

  14. Oh that is so what the pool man would do too! Glad you went, cause you can say you did it...I love the faces you are making too and come on post the video! :)

  15. Oh I have one of those guys who think it's funny to bounce things too. You are so cute when you're freaking out!

    Wait- Jana said the same thing.... She had a run in with a shark?

    I have to go ask her about that...

    (we need a girls weekend!! All three of us)

  16. Dawn,

    I would have been right there with you down to the swear words I am sure. Even taking the smallest of aerial rides like the sky way at Disneyland or Sea World makes me cringe and the sky tower at Sea World, Oh, I couldn't even enjoy the ride until we were almost on the ground again.

    We can relate!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. i am not sure i would enjoy that too much either. you're way up there. i am proud of you for putting your fear aside and going with your hubby. thanks for the sweet comment on tara's blog.

  18. Those pictures are so cute! I'd be the SAME way! I do not care for heights at all!

  19. I'm so right there with you: deathly afraid of heights. I get dizzy and feel faint.-Holly

  20. I don't think that's scary at all - I hate heights. You'd have thought he would've filled you in the scary jumping gondola man thing before y'all got married.

  21. Hysterical! I smile when on a gondola ... but I'm thinking the same thing ... like ... what if the cord breaks ... what if the clamp comes loose ... etc.

    Been breaking out into spontaneous applause and jumping up and down hops over a lot of things this month. Hope you're doing the same!

    aka @TravelBlggr

  22. Hahaha, I love the picture of your face all scrunched up and terrified. I can identify all too well. You know those ferris wheel gondolas? The ones that don't even go up that high? I almost hyperventilated on one because we got stuck at the top for about 20 minutes. I HATE heights, and to me it's no silly thing to be afraid of! That's why I tell people God made me short, he knew I couldn't handle heights. ;-)
    Oh, and the silly thing I'm afraid of is spiders. My pulse races and I break out in a sweat if one sneaks up on me. It's ridiculous!

  23. Aww you're too cute! Love all your different expressions! I'm not particularly scared of heights but seeing those photos makes me feel like I'd get a bit queasy up on that gondola as well!

  24. The pics are great! :-) A gondola sounds like fun to me, but I really hate stuffed freaking animals. :-)

  25. LOL, I wanna see the video! :)

    It's okay, Dandy we all have our quirks. You don't like heights, raw chicken freaks me out. You see no big deal. :)

  26. I'm so glad I'm not alone! Although you were much braver than I would be at those heights! I just told the story.. how I went on a hugh farris wheel with my youngest son and he made them let me off because I turned pure white and he could tell I was scared to death. So embarrassing, it was indoors and one of those hugh sporting good stores. So everyone knew they had to let me off a darn 'farris wheel'. Again, I wss so scared then sooo embarressed. lol

  27. That is the one thing I don't like is heights. We hiked a popular falls in Oregon and it was about 700 feet up and I knew going up that I wasn't liking it. Well, we got to the top and took photos and you can see on my face that I am stressed. We started down and I had a panick attach. I felt so bad for Caden and Gary but I got down the mountain. I don't blame you.


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