Friday, September 16, 2011

We're still here, still trying to get some sleep

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It's been a crazy week around here.

I've had my hands full with sleep training and a very active boy.

B brought his laptop over so I could get a bit of computer time while Peanut sleeps (or screams).
I miss the computer!
I need access during naps and such because I'm too busy while he's awake.

Sleep training has gone over pretty well.

Now is not probably a good time for me to write about it because 
Peanut has been up crying for an hour but tonight was the first night without any kind of bottle.
He did sleep 8 straight hours before waking and now won't go back to sleep.

That being said, after all the crying the first night
he went to sleep after 30 minutes of crying the 2nd night (which was half the time) and 
fell asleep after 2 very small bottles in less than 5 minutes each time.

I was shocked by how dramatic the difference was.
Shocked and relieved.

The third night was even better, with only one 3 oz bottle in the middle of the night,
the longest amount of crying lasted about 20 minutes.

Last night he barely cried at all before going to sleep (B didn't even need to check on him)
and slept for 8 hours but has now been crying for an hour.
I suppose that's to be expected for the first night without any bottle.

How long should he be able to sleep?
What time do your kids sleep from?
He's 10 1/2 months old, I want to have realistic expectations.

He keeps dozing off and then waking and crying.

I'm starting to get stressed about taking him back to the apartment.

My parents come home tomorrow but we'll be staying tomorrow night anyway.
Then we really have to get back home.

I'm wondering if I should write little notes to some of the neighbors?

Anyway, thank you for all the birthday wishes!
I had a fantastic birthday!


  1. I've heard of people writing notes to neighbors during sleep training! I think that's a really nice idea, and anyone who's had children should be sympathetic and understanding. And if they're not, give them a plate of some of your fabulous baked goodies--that oughta smooth things over. :o)

    Right now Grace sleeps about 10-11 hours a night and the twins sleep about 12. I can't remember what they slept at 10 months. But you are so on the right track! Good job!

  2. Oh girl that would stress me out too. I didn't think about the neighbors. I probably would mention it to them so you have to worry as much.

    He's doing great. Just keep being consistent. My girls were so opposite. Big Chick kept us up a lot. Little chick slept through the night within the first 2 weeks of bringing her joke. I swear she slept 22 hours a day!

  3. You know I have mixed feelings about sleep training.
    It's such a hot topic, so I won't get too involved, but I thought this was a good little bit of advice:

    (from the Dr Sears website)

    "Stay flexible. No single approach will work with all babies all the time, or even all the time with the same baby. Don't persist with a failing experiment. If the "sleep program" isn't working for your family, drop it.

    Follow your heart rather than some stranger's sleep-training advice, and you and your baby will eventually work out the right nighttime parenting style for your family".

    I love you. I know you are an awesome mommy.

  4. My favorite go to chart for sleep hours:

    I referred to it for both my boys and will again with this next one. :)

    Aiden was always a great sleeper, Liam didn't sleep through the night till 19 months, they are all so different, and need different amounts of sleep. You're doing great, and before you know it, your sleepless nights and days will be a thing of the distant past. :) Good Luck Momma!

  5. Wow, 8 hours! You're doing great.
    I didn't let mine take a lot of naps during the day. One 2 hour nap in the middle of the day was about it by this age.
    They slept between 11 and 12 hours by this age, but that was mine.
    Babies cry. I wouldn't worry so much about the neighbors unless you're throwing wild parties at 2 am. If someone complains send them some of those great baked goods you're so good at and that should help smooth things over.

  6. I have a 15 mo. and his night time sleep varies. Basically we let him out of bed anytime after 6am. (choose a time best for you all) and he goes to bed between 7-8:30. Most nights he sleeps 10 1/2 hours. i would say if peanut is going 8 hours now he is doing great. Mine only went about 9 at that age then I'd give him a bottle and he'd go back down for 2 hours. Its all about what you can handle.

  7. Dawn, every baby is different. Joey and Jarred were opposites. Jarred never took naps, but he slept good at night. And Joey didn't sleep good until i put him on a schedule. Just do your best and we all know you are!!! I think the note idea is great. Good luck and you are in our prayers.

  8. Like Kelly I had very mixed feelings about "sleep training" but I can say I'm completely impress with the results!!! You did an amazing job. Wow! Not only is it great for you and B but also for our Peanut. Good job! oxox

  9. Oh darn, darn, darn, I missed your birthday!!! I'm so sorry, but so GLAD it was good... this sleep thing is a hard thing to figure out... it just is. Hang in there and good for you for carving out some time for yourself on the computer... that is sanity right there!

  10. I'm so glad to hear things... well, *were* going well at this point! I can only imagine that they have only gotten better since then! I'm so remiss on checking your blog. :P Sorry kiddo - it's been a crazy couple of months.


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