Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Picking up the pace


For a few days the weather was cool and I could just feel fall around the corner.

I'm ready for it, although the heat today was just mocking me. 

It seems that now we're really picking up the pace and I have a feeling we'll be busy, busy.

Busy in a good way.  I hope :)

Autumn Party-  if I had this space we'd have a party for every season

As always there are a million things I want to do and a million plans I have.
A million memories I want to make.

Next week we'll be house-sitting at my parents while they are out of town.
I'm sort of dreading it because it looks at though, if we are ever going to attempt sleep training,
then next week is our one chance.

But don't quote me on that.  I had a hard time just typing the words "sleep training".
Can I just say that we'll be letting him cry more than we are able to at home?
~wrings hands~

This month also marks a birthday for me, several of my friends and my mom.
We also have 2 baby birthday parties to go to.

We finish off the month with Peanut's baptism.
I'm planning for that now and am really excited about it.


Somehow I'll be making time for some fall treats.

It's one of the things I look forward to most.

Pumpkin, apples, spices, root veggies.  
Oh I love fall foods.

Can you feel the comfort?


At the very end of this month we'll head up to Sacramento for a little vacation
with family that will stretch into the first few days of October.

I seriously can't wait to bring Peanut up there. 
He hasn't been since February and he has changed so much.

Although we've been able to squeeze some family visits in since then,
not all the family has been able to see him and not for as long as this visit.


Shortly after is B's birthday and then 2 weeks later is.....

Halloween and the birth of our Great Pumpkin/Peanut/Moose. :)

We're already in full party planning mode.

There is something special (and big) about the 1st birthday.

It seems to be the biggest celebration.


We're doing a Halloween Cupcakes and Costume Party.

Although I know eventually he won't want a Halloween party and 
eventually he'll want a say in his party....
I'm going to plan this for as long as I can.

I've been pinning away and my mom and I have been scribbling plans.
We've been sewing and have come up with enough ideas for several years worth of parties.
The goal is to get a little done at a time, so as not to be scrambling at the last minute.

That's the goal anyway.
I've always found that the more time I have the more I plan.


ALSO, I just have to share....
I am holding in my hand a check....
made out to me....
for an article I wrote.

My very first check for writing.
Does that make me a writer?

It's quite small but it has my name on it.
I think I'll take a picture.
Then I'll check that off my bucket list.

I know it's just a little thing, but I really am proud.
I'd be writing anyway so it's icing on the cake.

Now I'm off to do some online birthday shopping.


  1. Oh My Goodness!!! Congratulations!!!!! ,,,and sounds like you will be extra busy!!!

  2. Yay, good for you Dandy! Doesn't it feel good to make money doing something you love? I always get a little thrill from it.

    I can't believe Peanut is almost ONE! I am so excited for you guys. A costume party sounds awesome. I can't wait for pictures!

    Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The food, the weather, the clothes, the way everything is so crisp and colorful. And it's the kickoff to all the fun holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Fun fun fun!

  3. COngratulations on the payment! HOW VERY COOL IS THAT? I will NEVER get a check like that! Whoohoo! I love that for you~

  4. Thrilled for you!!!! And what an exciting time - how lovely to have so many precious people to celebrate!!! X

  5. oh my goodness girlie...that's so exciting!!! proud of you! of course you got paid to write. you are awesome! loved all the fall eye candy...those pumpkin sandwich things looked to die for. hope you have a great day:)

  6. First birthdays are so special! And I feel the same way-I'm going to plan the kids parties and costumes for as long as I can! Soon enough they'll have their own ideas. Humpf. :o) Congratulations on your writing! That is so exciting and something to really be proud of! Awesome!

  7. You are a writer! I have a check for twelve dollars that I won at a reining competition on my horse a long time ago and it's the best twelve dollars I've ever made!

    I'm glad I didn't freak you out too bad about waiting 30 years for Peanut to sleep! My son was here last weekend (the one who never slept) with his little boy who never sleeps either. Oh well!


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