Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Baby


Every night gets better and better.

I'll give a more detailed account of our sleep training soon... how I feel about it,
whether I would suggest it to anyone else,
whether or not I feel it's helpful or harmful for baby and parents, etc.

I will say that the other night Peanut woke up, stood in his crib and started to cry.

2 minutes later he decided to lay back down and go to sleep.

B & I were in bed, watching and holding our breath.

And then we did a silent jig.

Picnik collage

Yesterday we went to 2 different birthday parties, 
for a 1 year old and a 2 year old.

We spent the first half of the day in Orange County and the second half of the day in Palm Springs.
Peanut held up wonderfully with nothing but car naps.

This week we're getting ready for Peanut's baptism on Saturday and 
I'd like to do a little fall baking to kick off the solstice on Wednesday.

That is... if I can find any darn pumpkin puree.
All the stores around here seem to only have the pumpkin pie mix...
and not a baking pumpkin to be seen.

I'll be back soon to catch you all up and to see what you've been doing too!


  1. Mother's Market on Beach in HB has a ton of pumpkin puree! I saw it and thought of you.

  2. Yea for sleep! (Amazing how much better the world is when we're well rested!)

  3. YES, YES, YES! I knew Peanut and his parents were going to get through this with eventual smiles on their faces.

  4. In less than a week a new happier, calmer and more rested Peanut. (not to mention mommy & daddy) Amazing job! I'm a believer.

  5. So glad to hear you're all getting some shut eye!

  6. Happy things are going better at night!!! Hope it continues now that you are back home!!!

  7. Happy Birthday! I forgot our birthdays were so close together. :-) So glad to hear that sleep training is going better. It must be so tough, but I think you guys are doing a great job, and so early on. I have a friend who's 2.5 year old doesn't sleep without being NURSED. No go you and B!!

  8. Fingers crossed for you! Maybe you've turned a corner...




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