Monday, November 2, 2009

Dawniver's Creamed Corn


It's called Dawniver's Creamed Corn because it was really a Gulliver's creamed corn recipe that I changed just the tiniest bit. I now feel entitled to change the name. Its one of maybe 5 savory things I make so B gets quite excited.

Thats not exactly true. I make things but this is maybe the only thing B requests more of.

If you are on a diet, care about heart health or have to fit into a wedding dress in 33 days please come back tomorrow. If you are me than just ignore the wedding dress part and make this creamed corn to punish yourself.


Lets start with lots of fresh corn just shucked off the cobb. Is that correct? Shucked off the cobb? I'm such a city girl I scare myself sometimes.

I had two hungry men to feed... and a bride-to-be in a tender emotional state so I used about 20 oz of corn. Use two small bags or the better part of a big bag.


Frozen corn is perfect. Notice the boxed cake mix in the background?

Nothing but the finest for my B.


Have you ever been nervous about whether or not your dinner would come out right? Whether or not your meal would be tasty?

Well, I have the perfect solution for you!

Its called "drink champagne while you cook". DCWYC works every time. Your meals always taste better!


The recipe calls for whipping cream and Vit D full fat milk. But I don't usually have that so heavy whipping cream and reduced fat milk work just fine.

1 cup of each.


Can anything that includes 1 cup of whipping cream be bad? I think not.


1 teaspoon of kosher salt.


2 tablespoons of sugar. Now creamed corn is supposed to have a touch sweetness to it. But you can definitely use less if you need to.


Just keep dumping all this stuff in the pot.


White pepper! If you don't have white pepper you can use some cayenne instead.


I really suggest pouring it into the palm of your hand first. This stuff is not like black pepper. White pepper is like a fine dust and very easy to lose control of when tipping into the pot.

Use a pinch. I use a large pinch and if I have cayenne I throw a pinch of that in too. Don't worry, it won't be too peppery because you have all the fat in the cream (and ahem, butter) to balance it out.

Also, you can add an optional 1/4 teaspoon of Accent or MSG. I do. ~gasp~


Mix it up and bring it too a boil.

Pour yourself some more champagne and forget you are the one cooking.


Remember you are cooking when there is a big frothy cloud of cream about to overflow onto your stove.

Bring it back down to a simmer and let it stay simmering for about 5 minutes. Don't think that you have to simmer it until its thick. Don't. If its real thick at this point you'll end up with glue.


Did you notice earlier I mentioned butter? Heavy cream is not enough.

Melt down 2 tbs of butter. I know I'm cutting 4 tbs in the picture and I have no idea why.


Add 2 tbs of flour and stir it up.


This is what I call a ghetto roux. Pour the ghetto roux into your corn mixture and it will thicken up immediately.


Pull it off the heat! Taste and season if you like.

If you feel like its too thick you can thin it down with whipping cream. HA! Thin it down with heavy cream. What kind of advice is that? I'm serious though.


Sometimes I think I just like nutmeg because it smells like heaven and its fun to use the microplane. And its cool looking. Isn't it cool?

It ended up at about 1/8 of a teaspoon.

Lets take a moment to dry our tears over the broken nail my middle finger suffered. They heard that I wanted to have nice nails for the wedding and they all started jumping off my finger tips.


A few dashes of hot sauce. I prefer something with a bit of vinegar. I love hot sauce. I want a hot sauce collection. I could drink Tapatio.


See how thick and creamy? Yes, we could use more corn. But its so delicious this way.

Variation: Put the finished corn in a casserole dish and top with parmesan cheese and then broil.


We served it with Crash Hot Potatoes and porterhouse steak. I don't have any pictures of the finished meal.... sorry!


Then I baked a cherry pie. I am so good at making pie it looks exactly like Sara Lee's. EXACTLY. ~cough~ Served with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. The homemade kind that comes in the Dreyers container.


  1. no pictures of a finished meal is ALWAYS an excellent sign! Dave has a fear of sweetcorn so I'll have to wait till we have friend round to try this. Sounds lovely with the steak. Oh yum. Only just had breakfast but now salivating about steak!

  2. Home-made Dreyer's, a cherry pie exactly like Sara Lee's... why make things difficult, eh? You and I would get along so well!

  3. Love that corn! I think all men do, too. See. B is getting a chef when he marries!! :D

  4. That corn looks sooo good ... and with steak and potatoes (How were those crash potatoes?) What a feast! (Sorry about the fingernail. It never fails, does it? But you have 33 days to grow a new one!!)

    Now -- I know that you won't believe it, but I have the exact same bowl that you had your butter in .... it has a little daisy-like flower with a bunch of pointier leaves coming out of the ground .... am I right? Bottom says made in China, but above that there are some words written in chinese symbols? I love those little bowls!
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh man that looks awesome. I am thinking HHBL and I have to has Dawniver Creamed Corn this week.

  6. Oh Dear Lord me! How did you know that comfort food is all my body wants right now or more so the baby. This whole meal would just hit the spot, the only problem is I just don't feel like cooking. I'll have to remember the DCWYC tip once the baby is born, it looks like a glamorous way to cook and I'm sure will make my cooking taste better!

  7. ohhh...yum.
    thanks for making me gain another pound just from looking at the computer.

  8. I about fell off my chair at ghetto roux. Well, not exactly, but my funny bone fell out if its chair. Crack me up. That looks delicious, too. I love creamed corn, and the idea of adding nutmeg sounds just about perfect.

  9. Yum, yum, yum! Dawn, that corn looks amazing. Gonna have to try it. Also the Crash Hot Potatoes. Thanks for the recipe and ideas for a Super Delish meal!!! :)-Tammy

  10. Dawn,

    I remember Gullivers! They had the most yummy meals. Gotta go find a pen so I can capture this and make it for thanksgiving! Yeah! Thanks!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Seriously YUM!!! I like how you renamed it :)

    And I'll take a glass of that champagne too please!

    :) T

  12. I love reading your receipes, complete with pretty photos and clever commentary! Even though I hardly ever (ever) cook, I keep these posts tucked away in my mind for the day I finally do! :)

  13. Ummm, yummm, yummm, yum.

    I agree that drinking champagne enhances the flavor of any food, up to and including cold cereal. Wait. Never done that. Maybe we should try it post haste!

  14. They say a way to a mans heart is through his stomach! It looks like you got that down!!

  15. I forgot boiling cream on the stovetop once and my daughter saw it before I did and squealed,"Mommy, it's exploding!" That can be quite a mess!
    At least you didn't get mad at your fingernails and cut them to their lowest point a week before your wedding... :)
    I have never seen nutmeg like that (a nutmeg?). I'm not a creamed corn kind of person, but you make it look pretty yummy! What a meal!

  16. I'm using a microplane and nutmeg for the very first time this week. And I'm you just keep the nutmeg nugget (or whatever you call them) and re-use it until down to a nubbin? Do they ever go rancid?

  17. Okay, I'm starving now.

    And your nails look incredible. Wish I had nails like that. I've got man hands. They work for me though.

  18. ditto on the nails~that corn looks great---what a meal~hmmmmm, don't just tease us with raw meat next time though---show the finished stuff---you are killing us here! hmph!

  19. Mmmmmmm creamed corn. Oceanaire has a killer creamed corn side dish. Your recipe looks pretty darn close. I shall have to make it soon and compare!

    Hah, about the champagne: When the hubby and I moved into our last apartment in Minneapolis, we had a huge housewarming brunch where I cooked waffles and eggs Benedict, made to order, while my husband tended the mimosa bar. He also made sure to serve me... but I hadn't eaten and he kept refilling my drink. I had to take a short break from the stove because I was getting plowed at 9:30am while stirring the Hollandaise. Oops. We throw a classy party. ;-)

  20. I went to high school with the daughters of the guy who owns Tapatio! We used to get pocket sized bottles and put it on EVERYTHING!!!

  21. I am southern and everything is better with butter and heavy cream. We just moved in our house last Tuesday and my husband went to get our takeout and he ordered bread. (he loves bread) When he got home, they left out the butter. I could not believe that our house did not have a stick of butter (has to be real) in it. I haven't made it to the store yet. Needless to say, he went to the store and bought butter. But the poor thing got the tub junk. Oh well. I will be making the recipe. Looks great.

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