Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Does this toaster make me look fat?


Last month at my bridal shower I received this awesome toaster. What wedding would be complete without a toaster?

Some of you may remember that it was a 1950's/ Mid-century theme.

Its by General Electric and it still works!


Is it just me or have bread slices gotten bigger over the last 50 years?


B: What are you doing?

Me: Taking pictures of our new-old toaster.

B: Why are you taking so many?
Me: Because the last picture made me look fat. ~smile~
B: ~silence~

Am I just totally neurotic or do you notice odd things in your blog pictures?


  1. That's so funny, and with only 32 days to go you have the right to act a little odd... I can just see a global Self In a Toaster craze starting.

  2. You are kooky! In a nice way, in a nice way. :)

  3. Hahah! You are too funny! But that is one cute toaster :)

  4. You're a nut! I like that about you! I have a hunch B does, too!

  5. I just cracked-up at Home Cooking with Sonya and now I'm cracking up at your post.

    I wish I could be funny too.

    P/S We still boast that our 20 year old toaster is the cheapest! We are yet to find one cheaper. No toaster could beat our old cheap skinny toaster!

  6. Not only in my pictures, but in everyone else's too. I would have done the same thing!

  7. HAHAHA too funny! I could see your reflection and was pretty sure of where you were going with this!! I wonder what they did with bagels back then....

  8. You are so funny!!! Love the toaster...and yes...I am sure the bread and all other foods have only gotten bigger.

  9. I love the toaster. It reminds me of that scene in Father Of The Bride when Steve Martin is consoling his daughter. She was ready to call off the wedding because her fiance bought her a toaster as a wedding gift. Ha Ha.

    And - NO, you did not look fat, Silly.

  10. What a great theme for wedding gifts! Awesome toaster!

  11. You're so funny. My kind of funny.

    I would have thought the same thing...

  12. I totally notice odd things. Totally. That's the coolest toaster. It really works? Has it been rewired or something?

  13. Dawn,

    I love this cute little toaster! Reminds me of the very same one in The Brave Little Toaster!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. LOL! I love coming here, you always make me smile. :)

  15. This toaster reminds me of a cartoon my kids used to watch, The Brave Little Toaster. Sooo cute. I know, weird to think that a toaster could have a personality, but he did. (And so did the vacuum cleaner, and the radio, and. . . . )

  16. Well taking another picture because you looked fat in a toaster is PERFECTLY LOGICAL to me.

    Which isn't saying much.

    Hey on the double upside? You can check your lipstick in that beauty in the morning....

  17. YOU are a fruitcake! Love your sense of humor...and no that toaster does NOT make you look fat!!

  18. Honey, you are so skinny, mirrors at the fun house would still make you look svelte! You make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. That is really funny!! I do notice things like that in pictures, especially when I know they're going to end up on the internet. :)

  20. See what I mean? Interesting and funny! I would have noticed but said nothing.


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