Thursday, November 26, 2009


I hope you had a lovely, lovely Thanksgiving!
It was a nice day of rest, of family, of delicious foods by the ton.

Someone please remind me why I chose to get married the weekend after Thanksgiving?

My laptop has decided to rebel against me. Its hard drive pushed to the max. Like grody to the max! What?

My sister Sherri is doing some damage control. I have plenty of posts planned and I'm anxious to get my baby back. You see, I can use any computer but my laptop has all my pictures. I just can't post without pictures. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes me squeamish. It makes me sad.

This weekend is like running a marathon without training. I have to complete 99% of my wedding to do list. We have family from Puerto Rico coming in Wednesday to stay with my mom. B's friends from Northern CA coming in Wednesday to stay with us. We need to complete our preparations so I won't be waking up in a the middle of the night and adding things to my excel spreadsheet.

You see? I'm totally rambling!

What I meant to say was I have so much to be thankful for and you are part of it! Thank you so much all you lovelies that visit!

Stayed tuned for more wedding details, more food and more fun.

Also, Friday is the last day for the GIVEAWAY!!


  1. I'd be seriously lost without my laptop.

    I'm so excited for you... 8 more days and you'll be Mrs. B. :) All I can say is try to chill... let others help with your to-do. Believe me, everybody will pitch in if you ask (or even if you don't)!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Take deep breaths!!! You can do it. Have some chocolate but not too much cuz, you know, you have to fit into the dress. DELEGATE! And remember....

    Don't sweat the small stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff.

  3. Fine time for the laptop to go out!
    With or without it, however, you're going to have a marvelous week! Just let things come as they will ... And relax and enjoy.
    I'm keeping you in my thoughts!

  4. Ugh drats... I really hate computers sometimes. Breathe in and out 5x's really slow. It's supposed to help. In a little over a week all the fuss will be over and you can start your new married life:)

  5. Good luck with everything this week! We're all pulling for you!

  6. I have had similar computer issues in the past... and it stinks!! I can not believe you are so close to the wedding...

    And what a fun crazy whirlwind you are in now!!! But it all goes by so fast and then it's done and the memories are priceless... even the crisis moments. I used to be a wedding planner, and I've seen some pretty good crisis moments! They all made for some amazing memories too.

    Just enjoy this final week of fun and preparations... I'll be thinking of you!!!

  7. 8 days til bliss, my lovely lady. Don't forget to take a deep breath on Saturday and let the day unfold around you in all it's beauty and magic. Everything will be perfect--even the mishaps (if there are any--I doubt it!) will bring laughter and stories to tell in years to come.
    Thinking of you lots and getting so excited for you!!

  8. Oh, the computer saga! Technology is such a curse sometimes. Well, really only when it's not working properly. Woot, only 8 more days! My friends wedding is Dec. 19th and our bridesmaids dresses STILL aren't here. And mine in going to need some serious alterations I'm afraid. It's been a few months since we ordered them, and (fortunately for me...) I keep losing weight...Nothing like waiting 'till that LAST minute. :) Here's to hoping all goes smoothly for ya this week!!

  9. The breathing part is important ... you can do it!

  10. This is going to be a crazy, stressful, completley wonderful week. Oh my gosh!!! You are about to marry the love of your life!! What could be better??

  11. Sorry about your computer. I know how that goes. Glad to hear that you had a peaceful and yummy Thanksgiving.

  12. I'm with you on the computer thing. My laptop has my life on it. It is backed up with Carbonite. Hope you get it back soon.


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