Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wall Decals by PopWall


Over the years I've spent many, many hours daydreaming about being able to paint walls. Its the curse of living in apartments. Some allow you to paint as long as you re-paint before you leave. Most don't allow you to paint at all.


Ours doesn't allow us to paint at all. We have white walls and white carpet. What possesses an apartment complex to put white carpet in? My apartment in North Hollywood had taupe walls with wood flooring... ah, I miss that place.


Recently in my search thru etsy (who will be providing 90% of my Christmas gifts) I found these!

PopWall creates "inspiring graphic details" and there really isn't a better description. They cover a wide variety of styles from mod to whimsical to vintage to just plain funny.


They are made from a self-adhesive vinyl that will last up to 5 years outside or forever inside. The come in matte (to look paint-like) or glossy vinyl.


PopWall also does custom sizing. AND they have birch decals. Not that I am obsessed with trees but you know, I'm obessessed with trees.


Just think of the possibilites! I've looked into these types of things before and I've seen them in stores but the pricing has always been astronomical. I think these are very reasonably priced.

They could transform any space or piece of furniture.


Now this one totally cracked me up. It makes me cringe and gives me nightmares because of the crane-folding extravaganza for the wedding BUT I also love it.

Don't tell anyone.

Tell me about your walls.... painted? not painted? artwork? decals? a blank canvas?


  1. these are great! i love the giraffe one! :)

    my wall is not very interesting right now... before, i had it painted in horizontal stripes - three different shades of brown, now my walls are just painted different colors - light green, darker green, and orange. (it sounds like a horrid combo but its really not that bad. haha!)

  2. I also live in a stark white apartment....but our rug is old and yellow...ugh!
    Anyways, i love these :) My favorite is probably the white flowers on the blue wall...ahh colorful walls...

  3. our walls were all neutral colors when we bought our house...and they remain that way. we have bought picture frames, but have yet to hang any of them up. it has been 3 years...so sad. the kitchen, study & master bath have green striped wallpaper..we hate it and are slowly redoing those rooms, we started with the 2nd bath. Now when you walk into the second bath, you step into a fishtank..it is a pretty cool bathroom.

  4. Those are great! Our farmhouse is a hodgepodge of paint, wallpaper, stenciling and beadboard. I've been thinking about the vinyl wall art though! Maybe as a reward when my clutter is finally gone :) YOU need the cranes! -Tammy

  5. I love this kind of wall art, those trees at the very top are amazing! We've been in our house for 2 years, and I've slowly managed paint a room here, a room there. I hate painting, though.

    White carpet in a rental is a dumb idea.

  6. I have some vinyl lettering up in Dee's room that says "I see the moon and the moon sees me/God bless the moon and God bless me". But I just went to an Uppercase Living party (all vinyl lettering) and I'm going to get some more for the house. I love this stuff! Almost all our walls are painted. But I'm paint color challenged. I pick it and think I like it and then usually after a year, I'm crying, wondering why I'd ever pick such a stupid color.

  7. All painted white in my house. A wall of one room adorned with large dots in chalky shades (decals). That wall is my friend. Go for it.

  8. neeeeeeeeeed that growth chart giraffe!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dawn,

    How do you find these wonderful places to visit? I love this stuff, and when I saw the cranes, I thought of you! Are you OK?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Oh how beautiful! I'm thinking about ordering some of those for my daughters rooms for Christmas. Haven't decided which yet tho.

  11. Now those are cool. My walls are all an off white color, a deliberate choice. Our last house was an explosion of wallpaper, it was the 90's and I temporarily lost my mind.

  12. Oh I love the tree decals! Do you know if they will come off the walls easily for when you leave? If so, I'm all for them! I wish apartments let you paint the walls. It's an improvement people. And yes, why do rentals do white carpet? It makes no sense!

  13. Hi Dandy! Oh how I love those butterfies!! So cool!

    :) T

  14. I have three words for you....kids' hand prints.

  15. Oh these are so fun looking!! You can get them for a song at JoAnn's fabric store too.

    I have all painted walls but in a soft buttery cream color called Ivoire from Sherwin Williams. I love it, but I've also had to paint about fifty colors before it. I had a red kitchen, a green kitchen, and beige kitchen, gold you get the idea.

  16. Those are awesome! It saves on having to paint a full scenic view.

  17. Definitely totally inspirational! I've been thinking of doing something similar...paint a wall in a chosen color, then painting some pattern in a color just one shade different. Circles over circles, or something to that effect. Maybe I will get myself in gear after Christmas. Loved these examples.

  18. Love the decals and want some, hmmm now I have a Christmas wish list starting for Hubster! Yaay clapping hands. Oh to answer your question, my house in Texas has some rooms painted with colors and some are not. My favs are my spicy gingery colored walls in my kitchen and a half bath with a chocolate brown on the bottom half under the crown molding.

  19. I love painted walls. The white walls in my house makes me crazy. I will eventually get them all changed. :-)

  20. I learned a long time ago from an apartment manager to use shelf paper and to staple up regular wall paper. In a house I rented I refurbished the bathroom with pretty shelf paper that featured a small green flower on a white field. It completely transformed the room, plus I used a portion of that as accent across the cabinets. The homeowner just peeled it off after I left. :-) Now that I own my home, my walls are all bone. Yuck, but my hubs is color phobic because of a bad experience in what we call the "blue house." Everythign was blue but we didn't notice until we'd been living there a while. ick!

  21. Okay, again I know you are busy but just have to share what an old family friend who is very artistic did with her daughter's art. She turned it into a vinyl decal. Here is the link http://wedoitthehardway.blogspot.com/2009/11/bathroom-by-kate.html
    Also a heads up if you get a chance tomorrow I am posting a fabulous recipe that would be easy for your buffet! :)

  22. If I had a house I would totally paint it all over. Alas.


    (Did you get them all done?)

  24. the cranes made me chuckle...my husband bought me the cricut cutter and you can make decals on it, Im pretty excited to try it out! I loved the trees too super cute! I will have to email you or blog it...someday when i get my stuff back...

  25. WHOA chick 15 days? just breathe...that counter makes me nervous for you...

  26. OH, so completely wonderful.

    My walls are painted lovely, soft, pale, quiet shades of blue, lavender and mint. The room colors flow very well one into the other.

  27. Hi! Leave my blog so you can see my wall decals'collection and skins collection.
    Thank you and best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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