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Thursday, May 28, 2015

One of these is not like the others.


We recently went to Peanut's preschool open house.

We get to browse their classroom and take in what they've been doing.

Math, science, reading, audiobooks, journal time, silkworms, butterflies, baby chicks and yes, they've even memorized the pledge of allegiance.

You marvel at how far they have come.


You can read the well documented answer to questions they've been asked by their teachers.

Hilarity!  Out of the mouth of babes, amiright?


The thing is…
you cannot help but compare your child's work to the work of other children.

It is unavoidable.

We do it innocently and without thinking.


So with a smile we browsed these little bees for our own little B.

Until we found it.


We looked around and started to laugh.

B come over here and look at this!

Look at all the other bees and look at our kid's bee.

It was too funny!  Should we be worried?

When I was finally able to get his attention, Peanut wandered over to the wall.

"Peanut, tell me about your bee?"


"Oh.  It's a Winja bee."


The Ninja Bee

That's what I get for doubting my kid's craft skills and creativity.


  1. Perfect! Shows creativity and thoughtfulness! LOVE it! A+ from me!

  2. Adorable . . . don't worry one little bit . . .
    Individuality has been born . . .

  3. Of course it is!
    Into the keepsake box it goes :)

  4. Yes! That is a future leader right there! Winjas rule, buddy! ;)

  5. Oh I can't stop laughing! So funny, lol. Before I even read it I thought it looked like a ninja- he's thinking outside the box! Love it!


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