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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cloth Diapering, Let's Do It

When Peanut was little we did a bit of cloth diapering.
Mostly we did gDiapers (what he's wearing above) because it had the option of flushable inserts.

We were in an apartment without our own washing machine which made it
 harder to handle the diapering.

I still feel good about it.  I figure every time I used a cloth diaper, even just once, we were saving the environment and our money.

This time I'm more determined to cloth diaper.
We have a washing machine here and well, diapers are freaking expensive.

Yeah, yeah, the poop.  I know it freaks a lot of people out.
Poop doesn't freak me out people.  
There is inevitably poop on things, cloth diapering or not.

I'm more worried about finding spiders and beetles in Peanut's pockets.
This is a realistic fear.  I can handle poop.  Bugs in pockets is much worse.

I know a lot of families are out there cloth diapering and there are SO MANY options that I'm completely overwhelmed. 

So please. help. me.

What kinds do you use?
How do you store them until wash time?
How do you wash them?
How do you dry them?
How many do I need?
What kind of wipes and wiping products do you use?
Do you clean out your washer in between?
What types of detergent do you use?
What else do I need to know?

I'm excited, give me all your knowledge!


  1. This just reminded me that I have NOT answered your email back! Ack! So sorry, friend. Here is the link to what I did: and my friend Callie also did a great CD series, that can be found on this page, under Cloth Diapering!

    My best advice is to not put all your diapers in one basket. ;) Try many brands, before stocking up. Each baby is shaped differently. Right now I use GroVia and FuzziBunz on my chunky legged 15mo. He is shaped different than the previous two, and thankfully doesn't have the sensitive skin that they did!

    1. You are so busy, it's no problem! Thank you so much for the info!

  2. Keep it simple! I started out with a diaper service because, like you, we didn't have a washer and dryer. Once we moved and had a w&d, I bought my own prefolds, but then I got lured into the world of pockets because of the beautiful covers and ease of cloth diapering. About 5 months later, I started to dread stuffing the pockets, then I battled ammonia, and barnyard stink, so I went back to basics. I bought more prefolds and flats, and sold off my pocket stash. I wish I had never changed in the first place. Now that I'm on kid #2 in cloth, she will only be in prefolds and flats. We use GMD unbleached prefolds and flats, with Thirsties covers. When she gets bigger, she'll wear Sweetpeas one size covers. Right now, our washing routine is this: soak with Bio-Kleen Bac-Out (just a few squirts) in warm water, then a wash in hot water with Eco Sprouts, and 2 rinses on either cold or warm (up to you), and then I dry in the dryer, or sun them to get the poo stains out. D is EBF so we don't have to worry about really funky poo yet.

  3. p.s. right now (D is 7 weeks), I have about 30 prefolds and wash every 3 days.I store dirty diapers in a wetbag that is in a metal trash can with a foot lever that lifts the lid. I use costco wipes. You also need to make sure to use safe diaper rash cream. Personally, I use coconut oil. It's cleared up any hint of a rash within one diaper change. Plus, it's cheap. :) Check out San Diego Real Diaper Circle on FB, they are a GREAT resource for cloth info.

  4. Good for you! I had trouble getting the cloth diapers to dry, even in our hot summer heat, and ended up spending a lot on our electricity bill by running the dryer. I'm all for elimination communication, maybe when baby gets to about 3 months old. It has been working really well for us, and we definitely use less diapers on average. Also, having piglet go poop in the toilet is so nice! We don't catch them all, but we change a lot less poopy diapers overall.


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