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Monday, June 2, 2014

Do I need all the things?


Here's the thing about a 4 year spread between kids.  
It doesn't seem that long but in parenting years it's really more like 28 years.

Parenting years are like dog years.
Only without all the perks of being a dog, like being fed and bathed and taking naps.
Yeah, parenting years are like dog years without the sleep.

You see, I'm having a hard time remembering what I really need.
NEED.  This word has new meaning with the second child.

After posting on Facebook that I needed bottle suggestions and realizing I still had 45 more questions, 
I thought a blog post might be a better option.

So hit me with all your favorites!


Baby slings:
I'm super excited about the Ergo my lovely Mother-in-law just bought us.
Will that work around the house or is there a sling that doesn't involve me watching a youtube video and being a contortionist to use?

I've seen some of these slings and frankly, they scare me.
Please send help.


I have a newborn seat with a snap and go.
We have a single stroller.
But do I really need a double stroller?
Regular stroller?  Jogging? (and no I don't plan on running with the stroller unless something is physically chasing us)  Tandem?
These suckers are expensive so I need the low down on the stroller situation.


Last time around I bought a rocking chair from Ikea. 
I will never live this down because IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY ROCK.
Did it rock in the store?  I can't remember but it was a disaster and I'd like an actual glider this time.
Are there any attractive gliders out there that don't cost $800?


I did find this rocker that is a chair and a half which might be a cool option so Peanut can sit with us.
But now I'm afraid of rockers, so I'm just not sure.

baby monitor

Our Levana monitor died and the static was horrid anyway.
Although, to be honest, I don't really need sound.  I usually turn it off bc I hear everything, all the time.
But I do need a visual.
I need a camera for the baby and one for Peanut.
Peanut talks and cries and calls for me in his sleep so it's better if I can check the monitor instead of going into his room.
This is a non-negotiable for me because it allows me to wake and glance at the monitors instead of going in there and staring and the children, which I will do!
Temperature would be a nice addition bc I'm always afraid it's too hot or cold but it's not a deal breaker.
Any suggestions?

And what about this Angelcare monitor, awesome or a way to fuel paranoia?
I would still want a visual but I'm curious to see what you all think about it.


Other goods:
Oddly enough when I think of things I need, the first item that pops into my head are the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets.  I use them daily.

What can't you live without?

What else do I need?


  1. Dawn! So much baby stuff, so little space!

    I would say ... get all the feeding/early sleep accouterments (ready for baby boy's first few weeks, and then WAIT. Wait and see what kind of kid he is. He might like one of those bouncy seats that vibrate, or he might prefer a swing. He may hate being in a carrier (mine did). He may only want to be swaddled, or will bust out like the Hulk every time. He might take a paci, he might not. You might find that Ryder is great at walking next to the stroller, instead of getting a double. What I'm saying is ... get to know his "style" first. Then buy accordingly.

    In the meanwhile, buy and register for stuff that will make YOU comfortable and make your life as a mom of two easier: nursing bras / comfy (and pretty) lounge clothes, a chair or glider that you would love to sit in forever. Schedule a post-natal massage. Get diapers and wipes delivered to you via Amazon Mom.

    This is my plan for the next kid ... but take with a grain of salt :)

  2. So happy to see your precious little guy. What do you need? Most of all, I think you need your mom to come over so you can have a date night. Yep - you need to nurture your marriage as well as your precious little ones. The stuff? That's not nearly as important. Feels huge, I know, but time together alone is so precious - vital, really.

  3. Need? That's a tough one- here is what we had and loved.

    I loved my Ergo, even though I didn't use it that much, the second little one was a stage 5 clinger and wouldn't allow me to put her down in the early months. So she was in the Ergo while doing dishes, laundry, walking, etc. It was a back saver!

    We bought a used double BOB, but the width was ridiculous! I couldn't go in anywhere cause I couldn't maneuver though the aisles. So we sold it and bought a Phil & Teds Navigator with the second attachment in back. For traveling and anytime I am by myself it's been awesome. Again, probably not a need, but definitely convenient. Both girls are willing and even like riding in the back, it only takes as much space folded as a single stroller and is as wide and deep as a single.

    I love that double rocker, such a great thing especially for you, peanut, and the little one to sit and read. We have a glider in both rooms and use them both for night time and story time.

    We had the Angel care monitor with my first and I loved it... it did have false alarms as she got older and started moving in her crib, but I am a worried mom and it gave me peace of mind. When my second came along, we bought this monitor with a second camera. It's been great- it a nice, inexpensive option and we haven't had any issues with it! You can only hear sound from the room that the monitor is currently on, but that was ok for me. We did move the Angel care to the baby's room, and had the second video on her.

    Other than that- we used one of those big sponges for a bath, neither of my girls like the little bath tub, so that worked. Neither of my girls liked the bouncer, and the swing helped during the day when I just needed to put them down.

    Also, if you haven't heard of JBF look into it! The sale where I live is HUGE, but I think it's one of the biggest. You can get awesome prices on gently used items!

  4. Carrier is a must when you're chasing after another kid. I really like a ring sling for the newborn stage because it's super easy to use, and it'll last longer than newborn stage as well. Soft structured carriers are a little tricky to use for newborns. You either need a newborn insert and hope it's not too hot, or know how to use a receiving blanket (check youtube for receiving blanket for newborn in ergo). I really like my Tula (similar to ergo), and found it to be very comfy. Tulas also come in toddler size and my 2 year old still requests "uppies". As far a strollers go, my oldest is younger than yours, so he still needs to ride, so we have a Baby Jogger City Select so he can ride on the front and hop in and out. We didn't like the other doubles because I think it's obnoxious when the side by side strollers take up an entire sidewalk and require anyone else walking to walk in the street. Double Bobs are also REALLY heavy. The other front to back doubles we looked at had the bigger kid on the bottom in back, and B hates not being able to see out. Since your kid is older, I would recommend sticking with a single and getting a board that attaches on the back that he can ride on when he gets tired of walking. We haven't needed to use a monitor because our house is pretty small.
    In all honesty, for me, my must haves are a good carrier, a good diaper bag, a+a swaddles (oooh! check out NuRoo swaddlers! They grow with the kid), and a good stroller, and car seat. I also really like our Arm's Reach mini Co-Sleeper.


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