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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Peanut's Christmas House


It is not enough that Peanut has his own house in our backyard.

A house complete with doorbell, kitchen, eating area and custom shelving by Papa.


One day I came home from work to find this happening.

Papa ran a 50 foot extension cord across the pergola, onto what was once our canopy and down onto the house so that it would have working lights.

And then he made sure it was remote-controlled so Peanut could turn them on and off himself.


They did this all during nap so he woke up to a big surprise.
He was so excited and is still excited every time he goes outside.

Peanut was very impressed with the lights!
Oh and the snow, we can't forget the snow!


Nama then made sure to decorate it with a new Christmas wreath,  plants for the flower pots and a Santa welcome mat to pull it all together.


Peanut ADORES decorations.  

It's awesome to do these types of things for him because he loves it SO much.


Even at night after dinner, when it's too dark to play outside, he likes to turn on his lights and admire his house through the window.


This year is turning out to be so much fun because
 he's really getting excited about all the holiday cheer! 

Besides, who needs to wait for Santa when you have Nama & Papa?

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  1. Your parents are awesome!! I want to play in his Christmas house!!


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