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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Who needs 2 sideburns anyway.


Peanut really needed a haircut.

I'd been dragging my feet on getting it done because it's usually a 2 person activity.
I needed back up but it just wasn't in the cards so I took him by myself.


It all started well enough, we didn't even have to use a straight jacket to sit him in the chair.

I bribed him with a juice box which was quite a treat because he usually only has them at birthday parties.  He has no idea what suckers are so those don't really work in getting him to cooperate.
My back-up was a pack of seaweed I had hidden in my bag.

I told the hairdresser that I wanted it trimmed
  but I didn't want her to cut too much off.

30 seconds later she ran the clippers right up the back of his head while my stomach flipped and I tried not to look like something just went terribly wrong.


I imagine my face looked something like this.

Unfortunately the damage was already done and there was nothing to do but even it out.
He did really well with his juice box and a bunch of toys
until she started using the small clippers to trim the edges.  

All of a sudden it was similar to trying to wrestle a cat into a large pool of water.
He was climbing up me and yelling, "Stoppit!  Stoppit!  Pease!  Stoppit!" and generally frightening all the other children.  I tried to look calm and amused while he clawed his way up my face.


Somehow in the struggle a poor defenseless sideburn was wiped from the face of an angry Peanut.

It was actually worse before I pinned him down and she finished it off.

It was like a Vanilla Ice eyebrow line gone wrong.

She apologized and said it would grow in quickly which is such a total lie since this his only his 3rd haircut EVER.


Peanut, how does it feel to know you are going into the military at such an early age?


He's high tailing it out of here.

I don't blame you kid, I don't blame you.


  1. Little adorable boy was transformed into a grown up adorable (still little) boy . . .

    Why is it that a haircut seems to change things like that . . .

  2. awwww! I feel so bad for kids when they get their hair cut. I don't know of one kid that has loved it. That stinks that she didn't at least even it out and cut the other sideburn off!

  3. I think he looks absolutely adorable. He's too gorgeous for a haircut to mess it up.


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