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Friday, February 15, 2013

Helping Papa


Not surprising to everyone who knows us, my dad has been doing a lot of work around the house.

In fact, whenever something is broken, from a toy to a plant, Peanut simply picks it up and declares, "Papa fix it" and walks away.

Nothing to worry about mom, Papa will take care of this.


Peanut has his own tool kit but always seems to manage finding the smallest sharpest screwdriver Papa brings over.  It's a gift really, the gift of sorting through 100 tools that he's allowed to touch and finding the one he's not supposed to.

He is always helping....
as you can see.

He helps Papa mark the wall where the screws should go, 
he helps hammer,
he helps you up the ladder...
I'm sure it's all very helpful.

I mean, you get things done twice as fast with a helper, right?


Papa is used to this kind of thing.

He once painted horizontal stripes across my entire bedroom
 using just one hand all while holding me with the other.

And that was just a few years ago.


  1. LOVE THIS! I wish my family was closer. I'm so glad your lil peanut will be super close with his "pa pa". Have a great weekend, Dawn! xo

  2. What a great Papa! Teaching the young! I still do this with my 16-yr-old grandson who lives 5 hours away. I always have a list of tasks for him to do, showing him how to use a level, finding a wall stud, trimming a bush, etc. Since I am getting older and sometimes not able to do these things, I "hire" him during these visits with $$$. I pay him well. lol. He's learning AND earning.

  3. This is so sweet. I can totally see Piglet and my dad doing this. He'll call him PopPop, since I call him Pops. :-) I just wish he lived closer so he could help me more with my to do list!


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