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Friday, December 7, 2012

And there are trees!


By Orange County standards we live pretty far out.

Growing up, I considered any city that didn't have at least one border on the beach "inland".
Of course, when I was growing up the city I now live in didn't even exist.


Now we live in South County aaaallll the way to the East in what I call "the country".

I call it the country because (and I can hardly still believe this) there is nothing but nature on the other side of our neighborhood.
We back up to and are walking distance from O'Neil Regional Park and when you look at a map, 
you'll see that next to us is nothing but green.


And there are trees!

I mean, trees everywhere!

They line our streets and they are gorgeous and the neighborhoods are beautiful.

We can see the mountains from our windows.


We are a few minutes walk from this lake.

We leave the house, walk past the elementary school and find this waiting for us.
It is man-made and there is no swimming in it but it's such a perfect one mile loop.


I'll be sure and take some pictures of the lake with the mountains in the background.

I'd take pictures of the Peanut at the lake but it's hard to hold a camera and keep him from jumping in at the same time.

It's a breathe of fresh air every time we go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Where do you go to recharge?


  1. Beautiful park! We have one across the street from us-though not as big as that. It's so nice having nature around isn't it? I'm so glad you and Peanut have somewhere you can walk together.

  2. Gorgeous. Maybe the beach. It's a couple hours from .here, but it's a luxury for the Midwest girl

  3. They're even know I'm going to say it...tall trees! ; ) And a mountain view...WOW!!!

    Your new home is beautiful, I'm so happy for the three of you and what a wonderful place to take Peanut. That lake reminds me of our pond, only much, much bigger and I wouldn't have to do any yard work around it, just admire it. Hhhmm, admire that for me would you? Thanks. : )


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