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Monday, September 12, 2011

If I make it until morning


I'll come back here and give you an updated post.

We're house-sitting for my parents this week which means that
we are also sleep training (ugh, I'm still not sure of my stance on sleep training)
and weaning from nighttime bottle.

Peanut has gotten into this awful habit of drinking all his bottles during the night.

As in no bottles (or liquids really) all day and then drinking all night.
It's like a baby party binge.

I figure it's now or never.
We won't get evicted from our apartment or confused with people who beat their baby.
Although my parents normally super-quiet neighborhood might be disrupted.
At least they aren't here to lose sleep either.

Add the binge bottle drinking at night (and subsequent diaper changes)
 to a new phase of "only mommy can put me to sleep"
and I'm a zombie.

I can't spend another night up every hour.
So we start (or started) Sunday night.

Let the games begin.
And may the odds be ever in my favor.


  1. UGH----this is SOOOOO hard---Praying even now you are sleeping. I PROMISE he will survive this week if you can! ;D BE STRONG MY FRIEND ;D keep us updated.........thinking of you.

  2. Ah yes, now I know why I woke at 3a Ohio time with you on my mind. Hope the first night and all subsequent nights go well. All of you WILL survive this.

    And earplugs help.

  3. oh girl i remember those days. my doctor told me once that a baby has never died from do what you gotta do. he will thank you because you will be a happier...more attentive momma:)

  4. Bless your heart! Love what Becky said, too. :)

  5. Ohhhh ,,,is Peanut a blanket baby? Maybe that could be some comfort. Wishing all goes well!!!

  6. Stick to your guns! I swear, it seems to take 3 days with anything when you are trying to make a change (potty training, loosing the binky, etc).
    If you can make it through those 3 days, you should be golden.
    Good luck mama!

  7. Good luck friend! We are in the same boat, I will be praying for rest and comfort for Peanut!

  8. Stay strong Dawn!! You can do it!

  9. Oh, I second what another commenter mentioned - a lovey. We introduced lovies at the same time that we were sleep training. Hang in there. There is a light at the end of this tunnel.

  10. stick to your guns!!! good luck!!


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