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Monday, November 29, 2010

Jylare Ann Photography


Months and months ago I won a package from Just Spotted. If you are in Orange
County (and especially if you have kids) you should check out their blog.


This particular giveaway was a thrill to win as it included a photoshoot with Jylare Ann Photography- and you all know how I love a good photo session.

Picture taken by B


I knew then that I would have to use it for newborn pictures of the Peanut.


Love this shot and I would never, ever would have thought to take it.


Jylare is as cute as can be and came out to our apartment to photograph the baby in his nursery.

We were not expecting to be in any pictures but I'm glad she got some of us. Those first few weeks just fly by. I can hardly believe it's been a month.


Is there anything more precious than a daddy with his baby?


Peanut was 10 days old here and seems to have grown sooo much since then.


So. Precious. (If I do say so myself)


Oh how I love this little boy.


My little fall elf.

Thank you Jylare Ann! It was a pleasure working with you!


  1. I went to school with Jylare and church with her too!

    Isn't it a small world!?

  2. These pictures are to die for!!! Its hard to pick a fav. I do like the one of the back of his cute head. :)

  3. I love these. Peanut is so precious. Love the one with his finger in his mouth!

  4. amazing pictures. it helps that your baby is PERFECT! :)

  5. Didn't you also win the tutu and wings photo package? Do I remember you saying that? Giggling, thinking about your baby boy in wings :)

    GREAT pictures!

  6. That one of him and his head is beautiful. I am so glad that you have those shots. They didn't do that kinda of thing back 16 yrs. ago.

  7. I was there!! I was there!! (Okay not actually "there"... but I was in Cali!!! I remember that day!)

    Does this entire comment make me a dork?

    Don't answer that.

  8. Yes, so precious!!! Love ,,,all the photos!!! luvuallbye

  9. Dawn your family is just precious. That swirl of hair had me swooning!! Oh and I'm going to drop kick Sasha if she mentions meeting you one more time...geesh enough already!!!:)

  10. Just adorable! I want to kiss those little cheeks. I'm sure you'll do it for me!!

  11. What a great prize!! He seriously is so beautiful, especially so young. Not wrinkly or red and squalling. He just seems so comfy around the camera already. Better get used to it huh? ;-) I love the head shot. I wouldn't have thought of that either but I love it!

  12. He is so adorable! I love the hair pic. So precious.

  13. He is simply gorgeous. I just can't get enough of him. Never. Ever.


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